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Beiersdorf's Eucerin brand to reduce paper consumption

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Beiersdorf's Eucerin brand to reduce paper consumption

July 23, 2020 - 07:03

BRUSSELS, July 23, 2020 (PPI Europe) -Beiersdorf’s dermocosmetics brand Eucerin has embarked on an ambitious sustainability agenda. As of this month, 80% of all Eucerin products around the globe leave the factory without leaflets. This is to be extended to 100% by July next year. All in all, and in combination with additional packaging rework, 175 tonnes of paper will be saved annually by 2025.

According to Beiersdorf, the Eucerin move will save 20 million leaflets worldwide each year, equivalent to 47 tonnes of paper. “We carefully examined which information on the package inserts is essential, taking into account both legal requirements and consumer interest. All relevant information will be retained. However, to save paper, it is to be found on the product packaging or alternatively on the Eucerin website,” Wiebke Maerker-Scheel, senior manager derma sustainability at Beiersdorf, said in a statement.

The Eucerin brand also intends to implement further measures to reduce paper consumption. One product, for example, will be sold in pharmacies without a box from September. Other products and series are to follow suit in the coming years.

According to Beiersdorf, this will save an additional 90 tonnes/yr of paper by 2025. Moreover, the Eucerin brand is testing new carton material for its boxes in order to further reduce its paper demand.

In 2019, Beiersdorf used 28,000 tonnes of paper for its packaging. “Since we use paper and board for many of our product packagings, it is important to us to source this natural resource sustainably,” a spokesperson for the company told PPI Europe. She added that the company established a sustainable paper and board policy with the goal to switch to 100% sustainable paper and board materials worldwide by 2020 and that this goal was already achieved last year.

“Today, 100% of our folding boxes which we use to pack our face creams, for example, are made of FSC-certified material and we are currently working on converting other paper-based materials to FSC as well,” the spokesperson said. “As part of our Beiersorf sustainability agenda ‘Care Beyond Skin’ we are of course working hard to identify innovative solutions to avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle our packaging materials. Eucerin eliminating [all] packaging leaflets and reducing [the use of] folding boxes is one example for this,” she added.