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August Faller designs new smart folding carton with fill level measurement for liquid medicines

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August Faller designs new smart folding carton with fill level measurement for liquid medicines

March 06, 2018 - 06:36

WALDKIRCH, Germany , March 6, 2018 (Press Release) -With the ‘Level Indicator’, the August Faller Group has designed the prototype for innovative medication packaging that captures the level of an opaque bottle of liquid medicine at the push of a button and delivers it to the patient via an integrated display. It is operated via a small e-paper display and using electronic controls (buttons). The intelligent, interactive packaging can help to improve compliance and make handling the medication easier for the patient or the laboratory user.

Is there still enough liquid in the bottle or it is time to request a new prescription? This question is answered by a new innovative folding carton solution especially for liquid medications at the touch of a button and without having to remove the medicine bottle from the packaging. The small e-paper display indicates whether the level is still sufficient. If not, it reminds the patient in good time to request a new prescription.

This is made possible by particularly flat electronics with an economical microcontroller, tiny battery and adhesive e-paper display. It can be easily integrated into the medication packaging without significantly increasing the size of the box. The buttons for operating the microcontroller are accessible on the front of the packaging.

The ‘Level Indicator’ prototype allows patients to benefit from a packaging solution that is convenient while assisting patients with treatment compliance.

This interactive folding carton is one of Faller’s three newly developed Smart Packaging prototypes. In addition to the ‘Level Indicator’, this includes the ‘Counting Device’, a tablet-counting packaging and the packaging prototype ‘Medical Prescription’. The latter not only counts tablets and reminds the patient to take them on time. Using a specially developed app, the prescription can also be sent to the packaging via Bluetooth. With its ideas for smart packaging solutions, this specialist for secondary packaging in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry meets the needs of increased digitalisation on the e-health market and the growing interest in interactive packaging solutions. The first prototypes were developed in collaboration with MSC Technologies from Freiburg and Pforzheim University. Faller is of course also designing individual solutions together with its clients that are precisely tailored to their respective requirements.

About August Faller Group:

The August Faller Group is one of the leading manufacturers and solution provider of secondary pharmaceutical packaging such as folding cartons, leaflets, labels and combination products. For already 25 years, August Faller has continuously expanded its expertise in the pharmaceutical market. On this basis, innovation and development are consistently focused on customer-specific solutions and patient-friendly products.

The company is one of the first manufacturers to provide product development tailored to the individual customer as a separate service. In terms of pharmaceutical and health care packaging, Faller offers solutions such as serialisation, supply chain management and packaging services.

The services of the subsidiary August Faller Artwork Solutions GmbH are available to customers for artwork management, printing consulting and coordination.

The company group operates in an economical and ecologically sustainable manner and August Faller GmbH & Co.KG has been FSC- certified since 2011. August Faller GmbH & Co.KG was founded in 1882. At its headquarters in Waldkirch, Germany, and at its other German sites in Binzen, Großbeeren and Schopfheim, as well as in Hvidovre, Denmark, and Łódź, Poland, the company currently has around 1,150 employees.