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AMETEK Surface Vision's surface inspection helps Metsä Board to meet paperboard quality requirements

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AMETEK Surface Vision's surface inspection helps Metsä Board to meet paperboard quality requirements

May 05, 2021 - 12:15

HAYWARD, CA, May 5, 2021 (Press Release) -AMETEK Surface Vision, the leading provider of online surface inspection solutions, has helped a leading European producer of premium paperboard meet its customers’ quality expectations. Based in Finland, Metsä Board operates several sites across Europe, including an integrated board and pulp mill in Husum, Sweden.

The company wanted to minimize or eliminate quality claims on board from the Husum mill, ensuring that all product leaving the factory was 100% inspected, thereby consistently meeting customer satisfaction requirements.

Defects in the polyethylene (PE) coating process were critical, as a significant amount of the final product was used for cups, plates, and food packaging. It was vital that the board was 100% defect-free and resistant to grease and water.

However, inspection on this coating line was particularly challenging, as it required high-resolution detection on both surfaces, the glossy topside and the matte underside. Low and high angle detection was also required to detect small spots, dents, streaks, and coating problems.

AMETEK Surface Vision provided a SmartView 7 Inspection System, based on high-resolution linescan cameras, positioned to inspect both sides of the board in synchronized brightfield and darkfield arrangement.

This detected subtle defects in the coating process at an early stage, allowing action to be taken immediately to avoid scrap material. The detection of repeating defects also helped to rapidly identify the cause, allowing any issues to be remedied quickly.

An Operating Technician at Metsä Board’s Husum mill said: “The AMETEK Surface Vision system entirely met all our expectations, providing very good, reliable detection results that have enabled us to supply high-quality products to the market.”

In 2021, a 20-camera SmartAdvisor® system will be installed and Metsä Board’s Web Inspection System will be upgraded to SmartView 8.

About AMETEK Surface Vision

AMETEK Surface Vision (formerly Cognex Surface Inspection Systems Division) is a world leader in automated online surface inspection solutions with a broad product portfolio optimized for web and surface inspection and monitoring and process surveillance applications.

Its product portfolio includes three distinct product lines: SmartView® systems, SmartAdvisor® systems and Slit Inspection. Each product line uniquely enables customers to inspect the surfaces of materials processed in a continuous fashion across the metals, paper, plastics, nonwovens and glass industries.

AMETEK Surface Vision is unit of AMETEK Process and Analytical Instruments, a division of AMETEK, Inc., a global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices.