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SCG Packaging and Nippon Paper invest in glassine paper production line

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SCG Packaging and Nippon Paper invest in glassine paper production line

July 07, 2015 - 19:55

BANGKOK, Thailand, July 6, 2015 (Press Release) - 

SCG Packaging - Fibrous-chain business unit has announced its plan to transfer partly to packaging product since 2015. Glassine is a part of this plan and it is the joint venture between SCG Packaging and Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (NPI).

Seeing that demand for industrial label in Asia has been growing over the past several years, SCG Packaging is targeting to produce high quality glassine paper to capture the growing demand in domestic and regional markets.

This first high quality glassine paper production line is located in Ratchburi province with an annual capacity of 60,000 tons. Valmet will complete the installation by the end of year 2015. "Glassine paper is our new project. The company invests over USD 50 million to upgrade its existing asset. The project meets its timeline and we will run commercial production by early 2016, making SCG Packaging the first major glassine paper producer in ASEAN," said Mr.Surasak Amawat, Managing Director of fibrous business, SCG Packaging.

While the plant is undergoing an upgrade, the marketing team together with NPI have been working with several customers, both existing and potential ones, to fine-tune the quality requirements to ensure that the products will optimally meet various demands of both local and international customers with an aim to be the first and best glassine paper producer in ASEAN.