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Hansol Paper’s Eco-Friendly Packaging Paper ‘Hansol EB(Eco Barrier)’ Wins WorldStar Packaging Awards 2021

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Hansol Paper’s Eco-Friendly Packaging Paper ‘Hansol EB(Eco Barrier)’ Wins WorldStar Packaging Awards 2021

January 25, 2021 - 20:29

SEOUL, Jan. 25, 2021 (Press Release) -- Hansol Paper’s proprietary technology underpins eco-friendly packaging paper ‘Hansol EB’

- Recognized for technical innovation and sustainability as an alternative to plastic/aluminum films

- Hansol Paper to continue to focus capabilities on eco-friendly materials business

Hansol EB, Hansol Paper’s latest eco-friendly packaging paper, emerged as a winner at the WorldStar Package Awards 2021.

After already winning the MOTIE Minister’s Award at the Korea Star Awards 2020, hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), this new award is significant in that Hansol Paper’s technological prowess was recognized not only by the domestic packaging industry but also globally.

The WorldStar Packaging Awards is an annual event hosted by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), where innovative and outstanding packaging technologies are given the most prestigious awards in the industry. At the event, Hansol Paper’s Hansol EB won in the Packaging Materials & Components category, in recognition of its high sustainability value and technological innovation that overcomes the limitations of conventional paper packaging.

Hansol Paper’s Hansol EB is an alternative eco-friendly packaging material developed using the company’s proprietary technology. It can replace traditional flexible packaging materials (e.g., plastic film and aluminum foil) for cosmetics, facial beauty masks, coffee beans, snacks & cookies, health supplements, household goods, protective face masks, and many other products.

By combining special treatment and coating technologies, otherwise difficult to apply to paper materials, the company created a barrier coating layer on Hansol EB, thereby ensuring insulation from oxygen, moisture, and odors while enhancing the preservability of any internal content.

In particular, unlike multi-layered packaging materials where two or three layers of plastic film, aluminum foil, or other materials are glued together for preservation quality and for insulation from oxygen and moisture, Hansol EB utilizes a single material. That greatly enhances productivity by reducing manufacturing costs and streamlining the lamination process.

Furthermore, Hansol EB-based packaging can be disposed of with paper waste and then recycled. More than 90 percent of Hansol EB is also biodegradable, so its use can reduce CO2emissions by some 45 percent. It is garnering attention as a promising eco-friendly alternative material - an object of global interest.  

“Hansol EB’s winning of both domestic and global packaging awards manifests our globally recognized packaging competitiveness and technology,” a company official noted.

“Building upon the technology we have accumulated, we will focus our capabilities on the eco-friendly materials business related to the production of nanocellulose, polyethylene-free products, wet wipes made of 100-percent natural pulp, and other sustainable products.”