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DS Smith provides its Bag-in-Box packaging solutions to Thailand-based all-natural detergents and cleaners producer Aritha

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DS Smith provides its Bag-in-Box packaging solutions to Thailand-based all-natural detergents and cleaners producer Aritha

July 25, 2019 - 04:45

LONDON, July 24, 2019 (Press Release) -DS Smith Rapak delivers new solution to Aritha, a producer of all-natural detergents and cleaners from Thailand.

Eco-conscious companies and consumers have their eyes set on Bag-in-Box packaging solutions for their cleaning and beauty products. With exceptional environmental credentials such as a 60% lower carbon footprint, 85% less plastic and a 100% recyclable outer box, Bag-in-Box is the clear leader in terms of sustainability compared to traditional HDPE plastic bottles.

Not surprisingly, Aritha, the exciting new all-natural maker of soaps, shampoos and laundry liquids, recently selected Bag-in-Box as the preferred packaging for their products. In addition, they selected Mustang Bag-in-Box dispensing tap to meet customer expectations in terms of convenient and easy-to-use dispensing.

“We believe in seeking out environmentally safe products and we want them to be honest and to work well. We care about our planet, its people and try to put that sentiment into real action,” according to the Aritha website.

Aritha provides a range of all-natural cleaning and personal hygiene products. They manufacture their soapberry-derived products as close as possible to areas of cultivation in the pristine Himalayan foothills to minimise their carbon footprint and pride themselves on doing things a little differently. Available exclusively through, this premium product is priced exclusively to ensure proper local wages and a production rate in line with what can be sustainably harvested.

“Bag-in-Box is the perfect solution for beauty and cleaning products. It responds to end consumers’ desire for greater sustainability, significantly helps brands’ environmental performance, delivers a great customer experience and saves substantial money through reduced warehousing and logistics.”— Wimonrat Ukkhayakorn, Business Development Manager of DS Smith.

 The bath soap market continues to move from strength to strength with a CAGR of 5.2% in 2011-2018. Asia is the largest global market representing 40% of the $US 19.5 billion industry*. As competition increases with new and innovative players, it is becoming more important than ever for brands to seek out every possible advantage.

Beyond improved environmental performance, the exterior box of a Bag-in-Box solution is a marketer’s dream with space for high-resolution, eye-catching print for a commanding on-shelf performance that reinforces a brand’s promise.

End consumers also benefit from the Mustang dispensing tap. Recently launched in the US and Europe, this new and unique offering in Asia delivers unparalleled ease of use with an ergonomic front push tap that requires minimal effort. It also offers a smooth flow for a great user experience and the best protection against oxidation so that the product stays fresh for longer.

“We are extremely enthusiastic about the potential of Bag-in-Box solutions with Mustang tap to meet end consumer expectations in the beauty and cleaning segment in Asia. People want products that are easy to use and easy on the planet, and with Bag-in-Box they can have both of those,” Ukkhayakorn continued.

On the business side, Bag-in-Box can significantly boost a brand’s bottom line and is easy to incorporate into operations. The footprint for the equipment is quite small, the interface is easy and there is great flexibility in terms of speed and size. The cost-effective solution also requires a low Capex and allows precise dosing for great portion control.