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Russia’s Segezha Pulp and Paper mill produces first batch of white microcreped packaging paper

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Russia’s Segezha Pulp and Paper mill produces first batch of white microcreped packaging paper

June 13, 2018 - 05:25

SEGEZHA, Russia, June 13, 2018 (Press Release) -For the first time in the history of the domestic pulp and paper industry, Segezha Group (Segezha Group, affiliated to Sistema JSFC) produced the first batch of microcreped white packaging paper of 130 tons. The products were manufactured on the ultramodern paper making machine of the global concern Voith, the solemn launch of which was held on November 8 last year.

‘It took less than 12 hours for the technological staff to prepare the machine for new products’ manufacturing,’ said the chief of PM, Ruslan Bury. ‘First of all, the basins and pipelines of the machine were rinsed from brown pulp residues. The work was done in a qualitative way to ensure that the craft is not blotted into bleached pulp.’

According to Ruslan Bury, after washing the basins 250 kilograms of billets with bleached pulp were dissolved in the hydrobeater to obtain the required consistency. When the continuous supply of pulp was reached and the basins were filled, the mass was put to the frame.

‘The loading was successful,’ the chief of PM No. 11 stated, ‘although it should be noted that we had to significantly change the settings of the machine, since the bleached pulp is very different from the one we used to work with. The first trial batch of white packaging paper will be used to produce a new type of bags at ‘Segezha Packaging’. We predict that soon 50% of time the new machine will produce unbleached kraft paper and 50% white.’

The use of a new type of paper will increase the profit of the enterprise, since in addition to high indices of elongation, resistance to tearing and stretching, this product also has better printability and aesthetic properties. Consumers use white sack paper on the upper layers of bags and bags to make their products more attractive to consumers.

Aleksey Pugachev, Managing Director of Paper Production at Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill, highly appreciated the results of the specialists’ work of the paper mill, and also noted the operational work of the Procurement Service and Logistics Service of the mill. Due to these two services, it was possible to find, purchase bleached pulp in Russia and deliver two railway cars of semi-finished product to Segezha.

‘We are aimed at a concrete result in the interests of the enterprise, the shareholder and the pulp and paper industry as a whole. I am glad that Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill, the largest in Russia, successfully demonstrates stable and reliable work,’ A. Pugachev noted.

After the release of the first batch of white microcreped paper, Segezha PPM entered the planned 12-day stop to repair the technological equipment and power grids.