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AECOC, Ecoembes, Basque government join forces to reduce environmental footprint of e-commerce packaging

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AECOC, Ecoembes, Basque government join forces to reduce environmental footprint of e-commerce packaging

June 28, 2018 - 05:58

BRUSSELS, June 28, 2018 (PPI Europe) -Ihobe, a publicly-owned company that supports the Basque government in environmental matters, Ecoembes, an environmental organization that promotes the circular economy through the recycling of domestic packaging in Spain, and AECOC, the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Consumer Goods, have signed a collaboration agreement that aims to reduce the packaging derived from e-commerce and make it more environmentally friendly. To this end, the entities will work together on a series of recommendations to define the specifications of e-commerce packaging in line with efficiency and sustainability criteria.

“The objective of this initiative is to convey the importance of eco-design and prevention when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of packaging throughout its life cycle as well as trying to promote best practices in e-commerce operations,” the organizations said in a statement. They added that they have also approved a study on the perception of packaging by consumers, which will be carried out through AECOC’s “ShopperView” platform.

“The planet demands that economic growth and sustainable development go hand in hand, and companies need to incorporate sustainability in a true way in all their processes. Eco-design is considered to be a key tool to achieve this goal, and this is why this agreement is so important,” Ecoembes CEO Óscar Martín noted.

José María Bonmatí, general director of AECOC added that “the take-off of e-commerce opens up a new scenario in which packaging plays a fundamental role, and it is absolutely essential that its environmental impact is taken into account when it comes to both, design and use.

“We have been promoting eco-design in the Basque country for almost two decades. Today, the evolution of the market, the development of new environmental legislation and the rising demands of customers make it indispensable to include this type of criteria in the design of industrial products,” said Ihobe CEO Jesús Losada.