Voith's NipSense solves profile problems at ABB Pucaro electrical insulating paper plant in Germany

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Voith's NipSense solves profile problems at ABB Pucaro electrical insulating paper plant in Germany

March 25, 2010 - 21:17

HEIDENHEIM, Germany, March 26, 2010 (Press Release) -Using NipSense, a static real-time nip measurement from Voith Paper, ABB Pucaro in Roigheim, Germany, was able to solve the predominant profile problems at the reversed suction press and in the 2nd press. "Misalignment of the two presses was first detected with the NipSense measurement results. Then Voith Paper immediately suggested corrective measures in a very good report. Since we carried them out we have increased product quality and we can operate the paper machine at maximum speed again," observes production supervisor Martin Gotthardt.

NipSense is a static real-time measurement of events in the nip of two rolls. The NipSense system consists of a measuring mat with highly sensitive precise sensors and an electronic connection module that is connected to a Voith laptop computer with specific software, NipMaster.

The sensor mats have up to 32 sensors in the cross direction. By default, the distance between the sensors is 325 mm. Intelligent microchips for condition monitoring of the sensors and connections are part of the Voith NipSense technology. Thanks to these chips, calibration is not required. The current nip widths are recorded and displayed in real time. The measurement data are updated continuously. The change of nip width during measurement can be followed on the screen; the closing operation can thus be analyzed exactly. The line load setting and also the adaptation of corrections on swimming rolls can be displayed in real time. The NipMaster software controls the NipSense measurements whilst at the same time visualizing and analyzing the measurement data of the sensors. Finally, NipMaster calculates the required crown correction for optimal nip proportions. Recommendations for action are clearly presented in a report.

ABB Pucaro manufactures 75 to 670 g/m² electrical insulating paper at a machine speed of 65 m/min.