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Voith Paper launches new headbox for optimum paper quality and maximum energy efficiency

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Voith Paper launches new headbox for optimum paper quality and maximum energy efficiency

July 28, 2010 - 21:43

HEIDENHEIM, Germany, July 29, 2010 (Press Release) -It was 99 years ago that Voith applied for a patent on the first "high pressure" headbox, which was then a crucial component for developing high-speed paper machines. In 2010, the newest third-generation headbox with a package of innovations is launched, combining for the first time optimum paper quality and maximum energy efficiency.

ModuleJet dilution technology
The central innovation of the new headbox generation is a completely revised ModuleJet dilution technology. What is pioneering about this innovation is that dilution water is added through injectors directly into the stilling chamber, while it is distributed evenly over the inlet height. This type of dilution water addition enhances control response accuracy in the web by above 50%, as compared to conventional systems.

Turbulence generation and jet quality
The turbulence generator uses the proven basic principle of its predecessor, but ensures a more consistent adaptation of grades to allow an increasing number of varying raw material concepts and to meet the customers' specific quality demands. This configuration permits grade-specific and energy-efficient dimensioning.

Operating costs
Many of the pioneering innovations help to achieve significantly lower operating costs. The implemented measures altogether allow reducing power input by 15-25%, depending on the headbox configuration and machine speed.

Pioneering concept
The MasterJet Pro is a headbox concept featuring modular design, combining optimum paper quality and maximum energy efficiency. This is ensured by a combination of proven components with a package of innovations. The headbox has been widely accepted on the market within short time. More than 15 headboxes to be used both on gap formers and on fourdrinier wires have been sold for producing various grades, such as board and packaging papers, graphic papers and tissue. Meanwhile the first two installations are successfully under operation.