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Viscose specialities supplier Kelheim Fibres expands in-house papermaking technical center in Germany

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Viscose specialities supplier Kelheim Fibres expands in-house papermaking technical center in Germany

June 14, 2011 - 09:17

KELHEIM, Germany, June 14, 2011 (Press Release) -Kelheim Fibres, the world's leading manufacturer of viscose specialities, has extended its in-house technical centre for paper making.

Research and development are key points for the producer of functional and tailor-made speciality fibres. The development work focuses not only on the development of new fibres but also on the potential end products made out of them.

A range of in-house pilot plants and technical equipment allow Kelheim Fibres to simulate their customers' processes and to duplicate the properties of the end product. In this way they have been able to develop a broad understanding for the customer's needs.

For the development of viscose fibres for speciality papers and wet laid products, Kelheim Fibres makes intensive use of its own in-house technical centre for paper production.

To meet the growing demand in this area, the technical centre has now been extended.

The new pilot plant has inclined wire technology and it is possible to process all types of fibre, pulp and - if required - to include different additives in papers with weights from 20-200g/m². The new inline dryer also enables the production of larger samples.

Using this new technical centre Kelheim Fibres is able to rapidly verify the results of the fundamental research carried out in cooperation with the Institute for Paper, Pulp and Fibre Technology at the Graz University of Technology and transform the theories developed into innovative paper products.

The new Paper Competence Centre is also available for Kelheim Fibres customers′ own trial work.

Test runs on big production plants are expensive and disrupt regular production campaigns. With the new pilot plant customers can take the first steps in developing innovative papers - and engineer these new products in close cooperation with Kelheim's R&D fibre experts.