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UPM ForMi biocomposite material to be used in Finland-based Onnioon's household products

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UPM ForMi biocomposite material to be used in Finland-based Onnioon's household products

December 04, 2012 - 21:04

HELSINKI, Dec. 4, 2012 (Press Release) -UPM's innovative biocomposite, UPM ForMi, is expanding as a production material for household goods. Onnioon Oy, a Finnish company that merges design and sustainability, will introduce the first household product made from UPM ForMi, an eco-friendly washing-up brush, in early December.

"We are pleased to see new uses for UPM ForMi. This eco-friendly washing-up brush is a significant new development in the household goods market. UPM ForMi can be used in a variety of household products, and the use of natural fibre contributes to households' carbon footprints reduction", says Stefan Fors, Director at UPM ForMi.

Founded one year ago, Onnioon is a family business that places responsibility and the environment at the heart of all its activities. From the outset, it has been Onnioon's goal to find materials that put as little strain on the environment as possible.

"UPM is an important partner for us, as previous suppliers have not been able to deliver on their promises. UPM ForMi is fully recyclable, and almost 50% of the material consists of renewable natural fibre. It is durable and machine washable and it feels warm to the touch as well", says Janne Loiske, Founder and Designer at Onnioon.

In the future, UPM ForMi will be seen in several more household applications. In addition to the eco-friendly washing-up brushes, Onnioon will introduce various cleaning and gardening products made from biocomposite. ForMi has also been approved as a safe production material for toys.

Onnioon's first household products made from UPM ForMi will be available for purchase in December. The product is distributed by Finnish companies Stockmann and Kodin Ykkönen.

UPM ForMiis a new, durable, high quality biocomposite material intended for use in die-cast production. Made of renewable fibres and plastic, the compound is safe, odourless and uniform in quality. UPM ForMi is manufactured from pure polymers and pulp, and is ideal for industrial as well as consumer product applications. UPM's supply chain and the use of renewable raw material ensure that the new composite also has a small carbon footprint.

UPMleads the way in integrating bio and forest industries into a new, sustainable and innovation-driven future. Our products are made of renewable raw materials and are recyclable. The company's business is divided into three business areas: Energy and Pulp, Paper and Engineered Materials. UPM employs approximately 23 000 people and has production plants in 17 countries. The company's annual turnover amounts to more than EUR 10 billion.