Stora Enso signs deal with SynGro to extend its customer feedback programme

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Stora Enso signs deal with SynGro to extend its customer feedback programme

March 15, 2010 - 23:45

EDINBURG, UK, March 16, 2010 (Press Release) -Global paper group Stora Enso today announced a new six-figure deal with customer feedback management specialists SynGro Ltd. This will see Stora Enso continue the international roll-out of its enterprise-wide customer satisfaction and loyalty programme, VOICE (Value of Identifying Customer Expectations) and embark on a change management programme aimed at making the whole organisation completely customer-centric.

In what is a project on a massive scale, SynGro has been working with Stora Enso to provide the technology and strategic advice required to effectively gather continuous feedback from its 30,000 customer contacts, in over 61 countries, covering 17 different languages. SynGro's solution not only allows Stora Enso to collect the data efficiently and effortlessly on this scale, but also empowers the organisation by giving it the necessary tools, enabling it to take action on customer feedback by implementing a continual improvement process across the business.

Stora Enso's Vice President of Market Services, John McKechie, who manages the VOICE initiative, explained: "Customer feedback helps us to pinpoint the key processes we need to focus on to make our customers more satisfied. As the first company in the paper and pulp industry to embark on this kind of strategy, we have found it creates a competitive advantage allowing us to stay ahead of the field. We are already seeing the benefits of the programme through improved levels of interaction with our customers, which have increased since we first introduced the programme in 2008. In turn, we are now able to make the necessary changes to our business processes from the feedback we receive.

"SynGro offers not only a customisable software platform to support the processes, but also provides the necessary expert advice to guide us through the approach of measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty in a coordinated way across the entire company."

Previously, Stora Enso's customer feedback programme involved face-to-face interviews with a select number of customers on an annual basis. SynGro's new Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solution allows Stora Enso to continually gather real-time customer feedback using various methods, including phone, email and web-based surveys, and, importantly, from a much larger population of customers than could ever be achieved in the past.

Furthermore, the sophistication of the technology put in place means that communication with customers is carried out in their chosen language and feedback is then converted back to English for analysis within a central database. The system delivers automatic reports to the relevant people at all levels within the organisation, giving Stora Enso the ability to analyse customer feedback in a more strategic way and to employ better decision making in response to the feedback.

Keith Schorah, SynGro CEO, said: "Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need to integrate customers more closely to their business operations. This is no surprise bearing in mind a recent study by Oxford Brookes University, which claims that UK businesses are losing around 20 million customers each year, equating to losses of £3.69 billion, due to poor customer service. However, capturing feedback from all customers can be a challenge for global organisations, such as Stora Enso, due to the sheer scale of coordinating the work, not to mention language considerations.

"But this only tells half the story, and what is also proving problematic for organisations is what they do with the collated data. With our solution Stora Enso is leading the way in its industry in terms of putting in place technology and processes that ticks both boxes. It helps Stora Enso to effectively collect customer feedbackandto take action on the data, both operationally and strategically, to help drive business growth. It is with this dual approach that I'm confident Stora Enso will see increased customer satisfaction and better profitability from longer-term relationships."