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Stora Enso grabbing more of the white liner market

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Stora Enso grabbing more of the white liner market

August 20, 2012 - 22:26

BRUSSELS, Aug. 21, 2012 (RISI) -The trend for high quality printing on corrugated boxes means there has been a continued shift from brown grades to white top liners. Brand owners are using the opportunity to use corrugated to market their products to achieve eye-catching branding.

This has led to Stora Enso to continue to expand into the white liner market with its recent contribution to the market - MediaLiner. This bright white graphic liner for corrugated packaging, displays and other laminates targets brand owners seeking eye-catching corrugated packaging and displays to boost sales at the point of sale (POS).

Smooth, bright surface

According to Stora Enso, the backdrop to the launch of MediaLiner is that buying decisions made at the POS is one reason why the trend in corrugated packaging is changing and traditional brown boxes are gradually being replaced by multi-functional packaging designed to actively support sales.

This appeal on the shelf, according to Jeannette Kuhanen from Stora Enso's speciality papers division can be achieved through high quality graphics, unique surface effects and the tactile appeal of the liner. She feels the development of MediaLiner addresses these requirements while giving brand owners a host of exciting new ways to create a high-impact product.

Produced at its mill in Uetersen, Germany from pure virgin fiber resulting in it being white throughout - essential for the high quality ‘bright', which is achieved by a double silk-coated surface.

This smooth, bright surface, according to Stora Enso, enables a ‘refreshing' clear colour reproduction in printing, allowing the use of brilliant, high resolution graphics, no matter what the basis weight and type of corrugated board or laminated material.

Before the launch extensive research with converters to firstly establish market demand and secondly to ensure the product performed well on converting lines was carried out. The success of this relationship is, according to Kuhanen,reflected in MediaLiner's excellent converting performance and glue absorption characteristics. "We have developed MediaLiner based on the internal knowledge and experience we have with converters from the corrugated industry."

Multi-purpose for multi-tasking

Medialiner is suitable for both offset and flexography while being ideal for pre-print and direct printing using either sheets or reels. Available in basis weights of 120, 135, 160, 190 and 220 g/m², the new product is suitable for different flutes and packaging sizes. This flexibility, Kuhanen feels gives brand owners, design agencies and packaging manufacturers exciting new ways to present products and brands.

Earlier this year the company launched, again in close collaboration with box and corrugated packaging producers a tear resistant liner - LumiLiner, with a basis weight of 90 g/m². Ideal for food packaging, the liner is designed to combine the softness of lightweight paper with the bulk and tear resistance of significantly higher weight paper.

A prominent feature of LumiLiner is its adhesion friendly reverse side, which allows the economical application of adhesive and is fast drying to help speed up the automated lamination processes. This also prevents the adhesive from penetrating the material and supports the flatness of the final product.

So what does the future hold? Continuous changes in the market, according to Kuhanen means the company cannot rest on its laurels. She concludes: "The product offers new opportunities for the corrugated industry. We are carefully monitoring the industry for new trends and customer needs and adapt our portfolio accordingly."