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Södra Cell set to complete new chip plant in 2016

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Södra Cell set to complete new chip plant in 2016

June 15, 2015 - 19:57

VÄXJÖ, Sweden, June 10, 2015 (Press Release) - The new chip plant at Södra Cell Mörrum is taking shape. Scheduled for completion in March 2016, the chip plant will be used to debark the logs and then chip them.

As part of this project, which is aimed at increasing capacity and quality, the concrete foundations for the chippers have now been laid, and the structural elements have been made at A-betong's facilities, where assembly is currently well under way. With the wall structure and roof beams in place, it is possible to gain some sense of the scale of the building. Valmet is the main supplier and will be installing equipment in the latter part of 2015 for completion the following March.

The new chip plant will improve the quality of Södra Cell Mörrum's products by having separate lines for softwood and hardwood and improved thawing, washing and debarking of the wood. The wash will yield cleaner chips without the presence of stone and dirt, thus enhancing the quality of the end-product. Improved debarking will result in lower levels of betulinol and extractive substances in the end-product, despite the increase in capacity of the upgraded plant. The new facility will also lead to a better local environment for both employees and nearby residents.

In parallel with the construction of a new chip plant, a new primary screening system is being installed in addition to new softwood pulp washers for line 2. The primary screening system will separate larger particles, stones, gravel and residues from the chips, while the washers will clean the pulp prior to bleaching. The new facility will improve quality and increase capacity as well as improving the recovery of cooking chemicals. This will start up after the planned major maintenance stoppage in Mörrum in December 2015.