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Holmen launches new SC paper range, UNIQ

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Holmen launches new SC paper range, UNIQ

May 25, 2015 - 19:30

STOCKHOLM, May 21, 2015 (Press Release) - The first order of Holmen UNIQ has now been manufactured at Braviken Paper Mill. After a busy spring of reconfiguring and development work, Holmen Paper’s new SC product is now ready for the market.

Dan Buskhe, who has led the development work on the new product, was over the moon to see the first reels come off PM 53.

“Creating this product has been an exciting journey, and the development dialogue we have had with our partners has been a key success factor. It’s vital to receive feedback on how the paper behaves in the printing presses, so we can make adjustments to guarantee that our product maintains good quality.”

To ensure that Holmen UNIQ lives up to the market’s high expectations, Dan and the development team at Braviken have worked intensively in the control room at PM 53. Together with the operators, they monitor and analyze data from the paper machine and note down every adjustment on a large sheet of paper.

“When making paper, each little step isn’t all that difficult, it’s the large number of steps that makes the job so complex.”

Annmari Johansson, the sales person responsible for the order that has just rolled off the production line, is also happy.

“When we’ve sent off sample reels to the customer, it has always been a tense wait to find out how their printing has gone. In this case, the message was clear when it came – the printing had gone well and the results were a great success. The order was placed the very next day.”

The customer in question describes Holmen UNIQ as a great value product with good gloss that has replaced a traditional magazine paper in their production of mail order catalogues. It works out as a good deal, bearing in mind the potential savings on distribution, without sacrificing the perceived quality of the end product