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Progroup achieves another world speed record on corrugated board base papers PM2 in Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany

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Progroup achieves another world speed record on corrugated board base papers PM2 in Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany

March 04, 2012 - 23:02

LANDAU, Germany, March 5, 2012 (Press Release) -The list of speed world records belonging to Progroup's PM2 paper machine in Eisenhüttenstadt is growing ever longer. On 23 February 2012, the machine and the local team on the ground set another - the third - world record in quick succession.

Both the team in Eisenhüttenstadt and the PM2 paper machine were as ever very well prepared for another world record run. This enabled history to be written for the third occasion within just a short period of time: On 23 February 2012, Propapier PM2 set another record with an average speed of 1,675 m/min. over 24 hours. This means that the 10.85 m wide PM2 is the first paper machine for corrugated board base papers anywhere in the world to achieve a production speed of over 100 km/h on average. During the record run, corrugated board with a grammage of 80 g/m2 was produced.

This is now already the third speed world record within a relatively short period of time since the machine started operating in March 2010. The first record was set on 25 November 2010 with 1,620 m/min. and paper with a grammage of 90 g/m2. PM2 was the first corrugated board base paper machine anywhere in the world which was able to hit the 1,600 m/min. mark. This was followed on 14 April 2011 by the second production record with 1,650 m/min. and a lightweight corrugated board material weighing 80 g/m2.

The series of records was made possible primarily thanks to a motivated Propapier team which is at its best working together closely with the team from Metso, the supplier of the record-breaking machine. Jürgen Heindl, CEO of Progroup AG, appreciates this: "Three world records in succession, and in such a short space of time - this is an impressive example of what motivated and highly skilled teams can achieve by working together to get the maximum out of modern paper-making technology."

Progroup AG is a young and innovative start-up company. It specialises in the production of corrugated board base papers and corrugated board formats and is divided into five business units: Propapier with two paper factories, Prowell with seven corrugated sheetboard plants, Prologistik (a logistics company), Proservice offering marketing and IT services, and Profund (a financial services provider). With 12 locations in the heart of Europe and 830 employees, the company generated consolidated sales of approx. 600 million euros in 2011. The unusually successful development of this company is based on innovations, consistent network management, on e-commerce and a consistent supply chain strategy.