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Nash introduces new high gas volume flow pump

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Nash introduces new high gas volume flow pump

July 30, 2010 - 01:14

NUREMBERG, Germany, July 21, 2010 (Press Release) -Gardner Denver Nash extends its expertise in the market for liquid ring pumps with high volume flow rates with the new NASH 2BE4 model. The NASH 2BE4 was adapted logically to suit the process industry's diverse requirements. Ten sizes, as well as two material types, make it into an adaptable pump for high gas volume flow rates.

The NASH 2BE4 was developed from the proven NASH 2BE3, whose reliable performance was further improved. The development focused on optimizing the performance data, especially in vacuum below 500 mbar abs, and on increasing the pump's service life.

This was achieved by modifying the shaft bearings and optimizing the port plates and the impeller. Improvements to internal flow channeling have reduced the energy requirements by 6 to 8% while the scavenge performance remains constant. Optimization of the shaft bearings has increased machine flexibility in the event of operational malfunctions and, in addition, has ensured better lubrication, which is positively reflected in the service life. An optional connection for flushing the housing is also available. This feature improves cleaning possibilities and, in the process, increases the service life.

The performance range of the NASH 2BE4 is unique within the market; it can be used as both vacuum pump and compressor. When used as a vacuum pump, volume flow rates of between 2,500 and 32,000 m³/h produce a vacuum of 160 mbar absolute; when used as compressor, 3,000 - 9,500 m³/h are possible and a compression pressure of up to 2.5 bar absolute can be achieved.

With regard to its external dimensions, the NASH 2BE4 model is identical to its predecessor the NASH 2BE3. As a consequence, exchanging or upgrading to a more efficient machine is possible without any problems.

The NASH 2BE4 model is available in nodular graphite iron and stainless steel. In this way, the model can be used for diverse applications in many industries: in chemical process technology, filter applications, the paper industry, power plant technology, refineries and in many more applications.

Reliability, efficiency and flexibility make the NASH 2BE4 an outstanding liquid ring pump for high volume flow rates.