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Metso’s renewed DNA control applications to enhance productivity and profitability of pulp and paper operations

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Metso’s renewed DNA control applications to enhance productivity and profitability of pulp and paper operations

September 18, 2011 - 20:33

HELSINKI, Sept. 19, 2011 (Press Release) -Metso's new control applications improve pulp and paper mill operations

Again Metso DNA is leading the way by introducing first in the world new control applications enhancing productivity and profitability. Metso DNA is now strengthened with new control applications, such as the winder controls, power plant turbine controls and machine condition monitoring. Metso is also pioneering usability in the process control work.

Metso DNA offers now pulp and paper makers a single system for all controls, from the fiber line to baling information, and from head box to winder.

Winder controls

"The renewed Metso DNA offers now winder controls, which increase the transparency between the winding process and papermaking process controls. The new winder controls enable following paper profiles through the winder controls, which improves both runnability and productivity of the winding process," says Mika Lehmusvaara, Technology Manager, Automation Sales, Metso Paper.

Machine condition and runnability monitoring

Another new application is machine condition and runnability monitoring which Metso is first to integrate within the process controls. The operator sees condition monitoring alarms in the same interface where process alarms. Condition and runnability monitoring has traditionally been a separate system mostly utilized by maintenance specialists. Thanks to Metso DNA Machine Monitoring, the same information can be shared with machine operators in the control room.

Turbine control

Integration of turbine control, turbine protection and turbine management applications into Metso DNA automation system provides customer with easy and cost efficient maintenance and reliability based redundant process controllers. The Metso DNA turbine automation consists of special turbine control features like fast governor control and integrated simulator. Protection functions include over speed protection and machine protection. Tools for mechanical condition and turbine performance monitoring are also included.

Good usability enables positive emotions and feelings

Metso is also pioneering usability in the process control work. Metso DNA takes a new approach to usability by taking emotions and feelings a part of the process control work.

"Despite fact-based by its nature, process control work at pulp and paper mills includes a lot of feelings connected with solving situations. When all the aspects of business and production processes are under control, people in various tasks can enjoy feeling of control in their work," explains Jaakko Oksanen, Product Manager for Metso DNA.

An example about usability is that Metso DNA is the only system in the world, where the user receives the process data in real time and retrospectively from the same user interface, with one push of a button.

"The user can easily access all the data collected during his/ her absence, for example, over the weekend. Traditionally, the history of this information requires separate applications and data analysis is difficult. This is one example of how we have usability and the subsequent positive emotions and positive user experience taken into account," Jaakko Oksanen explains.

One system for all controls

The new Metso DNA provides pulp and paper makers with measurements, analyzers and a complete selection of state-of-the-art advanced process controls.

Having all controls for machine, process, quality and drives within the same system gives the customers several benefits.

One systems enables pulp and paper mills to integrate all operations into one mill-wide or even corporate-wide entity enabling easy access to information for comparing and combining process data. The operators need to know only one systems. Metso DNA customers also benefit from having a single source for global system support, updates and spare parts.