Metso introduces on-line sensor to measure small-scale sheet uniformity

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Metso introduces on-line sensor to measure small-scale sheet uniformity

June 07, 2010 - 04:22

HELSINKI, June 1, 2010 (Press Release) -Metso has introduced a new scanning formation sensor, called Metso IQ Formation Measurement, which uses high-speed image capture and analysis technology to define small-scale sheet uniformity. Machine operators can quickly optimize sheet formation visually and meet formation index specifications to ensure customer quality is uniform while the paper machine is running.

The sensor resolves sequential, instantaneous pictures of the sheet as it scans across the paper machine and displays them on the QCS operator interface. A formation index and other numerical data which defines the distribution of fiber floc and void sizes are determined by the sensor's sophisticated image analysis software. Dark spots, light spots and pinholes are also detected and classified by the analysis software.

The sharply-focused picture of the sheet gives the machine operators a clear view of sheet formation exactly as they would see it by visually inspecting a paper tear-sheet. Operators can make a quick evaluation of how formation is changing as they adjust forming conditions and furnish quality. Formation can be optimized systematically during a working shift.

The formation index provided by the image analysis correlates very well with off-line Kajaani Formation Index from Metso's automated testing laboratory. This enables papermakers to adjust forming conditions to comply with customer standards. This objective index, combined with a library of best-formation images stored in the computer system, ensures that shift-to-shift interpretation and operating practices are consistent and customer quality is the same.

Formation Measurement, like other Metso quality measurements, is designed to be easily plugged into the Metso scanning platform.