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Voith offers new worldwide flexible service packages for paper producers

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Voith offers new worldwide flexible service packages for paper producers

September 05, 2013 - 19:26

HEIDENHEIM, Germany, Sept. 6, 2013 (Press Release) -Voith Paper has even further geared its service portfolio to its customers' needs and now offers worldwide flexible service packages for its maintenance services.

These Total Equipment Services are available for all decisive components and products, such as the stock preparation, headbox, coater or winder. With the help of these packages, paper producers can ensure the full functionality of their production equipment, prevent unplanned shutdowns, lower equipment service costs and thus maximize the availability and productivity of their paper mills.

Three packages are offered that can be flexibly adapted to fit customer needs: The Basic package includes all the routinely recommended inspections and complete functional and technical checks, along with consultations by Voith experts and their recommendations for further measures. The Comfort package includes additionally all necessary maintenance activities and a hotline support. With the Premium package Voith covers all necessary issues concerning maintenance from planning to implementation. The relevant replacement parts are included. Additionally Voith provides the qualified personnel. With this package paper producers can therefore also save on storage costs and fully concentrate on their core expertise: papermaking.

The services are scheduled exactly to fit the production and maintenance plan of the customer. Thus Voith Paper offers worldwide service packages that are perfectly adapted to customers' need.