Metso launches new maintenance pad for route-based condition analysis

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Metso launches new maintenance pad for route-based condition analysis

October 07, 2013 - 18:29

HELSINKI, Sept. 23, 2013 (Press Release) -The Metso Maintenance Pad is rugged route-based condition monitoring data collector and analyzer with IP65 and MIL-STD-810G certification for operation virtually anywhere. Using wireless sensors and measurement modules makes setup quick and safe without cables and minimizes the time spent close to the measured machine. Sensors even have built-in memory and can even be left in the field, logging data for later download.

Metso Maintenance Pad is a fully functional industrial tablet computer with Metso Machine Analyzer software that includes route planning, route and off-route measurements as well as efficient tools for vibration analysis. With Microsoft Windows, a familiar working environment is provided for the operator as well the possibility to extend the use with commercially available software. The standard WLAN capability of the tablet used with the wireless sensors is supplement by Bluetooth, with a barcode reader and camera further expanding the flexibility. Collected vibration data is stored directly to the Metso Machine Analyzer data base utilizing the built-in 128 GB solid state disk with powerful interface capabilities to digital control systems, hardwired condition monitoring systems and desktop computers. History data is available for instant analysis during route measurements with vibrations easily analyzed in the field on the sunlight-viewable 10.1 inch touch screen. Collected data can also be synchronized with Metso's on-line condition monitoring systems and other computer data bases.


  • Reduce unnecessary downtime
  • Early prediction of failure
  • Plan machinery repairs well in advance
  • Evaluate critical process machinery condition
  • Forecast the remaining operational life of equipment
  • Wireless sensors improve safety during route-based monitoring

Metso training programs are available to cover every need from basic Maintenance Pad operation and route planning to in-depth vibration and condition monitoring analysis. These structured interactive courses enable maintenance personnel to assess the condition of rotating machinery and troubleshoot potential problems before mechanical failure.

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