L&W launches high precision benchtop moisture meter for pulp and paper

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L&W launches high precision benchtop moisture meter for pulp and paper

March 10, 2010 - 19:09

KISTA, Sweden, March 11, 2010 (Press Release) -Correct moisture content is of absolutely vital significance for all grades of paper. The accurate measurement values assist the machine crew in keeping an even and high product quality. Alternations, which influence the quality, are quickly traced before leading to waste and costly breakdowns. New Lorentzen & Wettre (L&W) Moisture Tester is a high precision offline benchtop moisture meter for production control and verification of online systems.

The instrument is based on Lorentzen & Wettre's microwave moisture sensors, known worldwide within the pulp and paper industry. It measures and calculates the moisture content and the dry basis weight of paper, paper board, corrugated board, dry pulp and other fibre materials.

The microwave technique gives reliable measurement values, independent of the grade produced, including waste paper. Measurement results are neither affected by curled materials, nor by an uneven surface or a multilayer structure.

The tester is fast and easy to use. L&W Moisture Tester measures the moisture content on a large and representative number of samples in just a few seconds so there is no need for time consuming and labour intensive gravimetric testing. The operator simply takes a sample from the machine, puts it on the balance for a few seconds and then moves it through the measuring gap.

With L&W Moisture Tester it is possible to check the moisture content in all stages in the process chain:

  • pulp sheets before leaving the pulp mill
  • incoming pulp sheets before processing in paper mill
  • paper products in the converting plant

L&W Moisture Tester is also suitable for trouble shooting since it checks the online sensors if there is an out of specification indication.

"It is always with great pride we release a new product - but there is always an element of uncertainty as well as one can never anticipate the market reaction to newly developed instruments. In this case the feed-back from the market has been quicker than ever and the initial interest has been overwhelmingly positive. We therefore expect quite a lot from our new L&W Moisture Tester - the latest of our instruments based on microwave technology.", says Fredrik Bosröm, Vice President Marketing at Lorentzen & Wettre.