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ISRA VISION introduces PAPER MASTER for surface inspection in paper manufacturing at Zellcheming 2013

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ISRA VISION introduces PAPER MASTER for surface inspection in paper manufacturing at Zellcheming 2013

June 27, 2013 - 05:13

DARMSTADT, Germany, June 27, 2013 (Press Release) -

ISRA VISION, the world's leading supplier of surface inspection systems for web products, introduces PAPER MASTER, a fully re-defined performance for surface inspection in paper manufacturing. Maximizing profits and minimizing losses - this is the premise that the new inspection system, developed for use along the entire production chain, is based on. With this latest generation, production throughput for all paper and machine types is increased significantly and breaks are reduced by 50%. Achieved are an all-inclusive quality control and a 100% web inspection. The quality data obtained are key to maximizing the benefits to users.

100% sellable production is no longer science fiction. The capability to reduce defects, to ensure consistent high quality and to achieve the best possible price for rolls that are less than perfect - these are essential steps towards achieving this goal. Moreover, another important aspect is the ability to increase processing efficiency: Minimizing losses, preventing web breaks and increasing machine speeds.

ISRA VISION is introducing PAPER MASTER at Zellcheming 2013 following the objective to increase both paper quality and processing efficiency, thus achieving 100% sellable production at maximum production speeds. The product redefines inspection performance by combining all the benefits offered by web inspection (WIS) and web break monitoring (WBM). As solutions on their own, they both already supply excellent inspection results with new and optimized, future-oriented technology. PAPER MASTER also offers WIS and WBM as an integrated system, and so with just one click of the mouse the system is able to determine even faster than ever where and how a defect occurred. The preliminary information from the WBM is transferred to the WIS. The inspection system analyzes the web based on the information supplied exactly at the defined positions. In the process, all information is available from one single operator station.

Because of the extraordinary PAPER MASTER system, any irregularities in the surface can be detected even faster and easier than ever before. The ability to reduce quality defects of up to 70% is possible. The data quality ensures highest production efficiency.

One solution for all applications.

The PAPER MASTER inspection systems can be easily integrated at any point in the production process in any processing environment and they quickly supply only the very best inspection results. The PAPER MASTER Web Inspection System (WIS) inspects the entire width of the web on the paper machine and supplies an excellent photograph of every defect. The currently fastest high resolution cameras and the machine vision system are able to perform a 100% inspection of the paper's surface and guarantee the highest detection performance into the micrometer range. The improved image sharpness of the cameras is unique. The state-of-the-art technology also includes switchable, extremely bright LED illumination technology, which outputs detailed images of defects even at a production speed in excess of 2000m/min.

After all defects have been found, an excellent defect classification is able to distinguish process relevant defects from those that are irrelevant and makes it possible to plan the subsequent measures based on the precise results. A real novelty is the Advanced Classifier used for multi-level classification, which allows accurate conclusions to be drawn from camera information from up to five different channels. Thus, for example, during the multilayer analysis based on the brightness of a defect in the transmitted distortion and the sharpness of the defect's margin the classifier is able to detect whether it is an oil stain or not. The relevant information is synchronized and made available to the user. As such, reliable decisions can be made about quality.

Even the best inspection system is limited in terms of usefulness if it takes too long to put it into operation. The PAPER MASTER comes with easy to use tools that allow it to be setup in the shortest amount of time. Normally, during classification the teaching process can take several weeks. The unique PAPER MASTER WIS makes it possible to integrate the entire software quickly and easily, optimizing the system and allowing defects to be categorized by size and priority within just a few hours.

In addition to the defect detection and classification functions, the most important task of a surface inspection system of the latest generation is its capability to generate flawless and relevant data about quality. PAPER MASTER systems filter and group information from defects and other sources about meaningful quality data to provide support to manufacturers in their efforts to optimize processes and evaluate material. The newly defined inspection performance is the key to reliable decisions, defined primarily by quality data.

The PAPER MASTER web break monitoring system (WBM) monitors web breaks and other critical events at the production line and triggers an alarm automatically if a disturbance is detected. The systems make it possible to draw conclusions about the causes of defects by recording and video analyzing defects. The goal is to be able to increase process efficiency within the shortest amount of time. To achieve this, the system observes, records and analyzes all critical process relevant positions of sensors.

Flexibility, reliability and efficiency

The PAPER MASTER sensors are configured to be precisely tailored towards the individual product lines. Standard and high performance sensors are available for all paper types and all production levels, which are used, for example, for the channels, transmitted distortion, reflection, bright field image and darkness.

IntelliCam sensors are used for WBM systems. This rugged intelligent camera concept supplies data immediately to the server and operator monitors. The new IntelliCam technology is the solution for all challenges in production while maintaining optimum image quality.

The system uses CMOS cameras, which provide highest resolutions in HD+ quality at high speeds. Extremely sharp images guarantee excellent video causal analyses, allowing corrective measures to be taken quickly.

The IntelliCam system is made up of a compact, solid stainless steel enclosure consisting of camera, illumination and cleaning. It is easy to assemble, even under difficult ambient conditions such as in limited spaces, or in dirty, humid and hot environments. The automatic razor blade or brush cleaning ensures images are sharp at any time, while requiring a minimum amount of maintenance. The IntelliCam supplies information in real time, reducing web breaks by typically 50%, minimizing downtimes and increasing process productivity.

In addition, the inspection systems were also significantly optimized with regard to their heat resistance. Sensitive electronic components are stored in a cooled control cabinet. As such, the inspection equipment is even capable of doing the job reliably n very heat-intensive processes.

Highest level of surface inspection

Surface defects are unavoidable and paper manufacturers simply must have the ability to perform surface inspection. With more than 500 installations in the paper industry alone, ISRA VISION has gained a huge amount of experience throughout the years, which is bundled into the new PAPER MASTER and offered to the benefit of paper manufacturers. It ensures highest availability and guarantees 100% inspection. The surface inspection systems make it possible to identify surface defects and to repair them or to eliminate the reasons why they occurred in the first place. In order to achieve the maximum benefit from the inspection results, the wide variety of defect data is filtered and compressed to receive high quality information that is then used to generate valuable knowledge, thus increasing the bottom line. This is the step needed to integrate surface inspection as a part of the process chain in paper production, guaranteeing that surface inspection is performed at the highest level.

Today, leading paper manufacturers around the world already rely on ISRA inspection systems. The new PAPER MASTER is now paving the way to the next step in innovation, guaranteeing that even in the future manufacturers are able to keep their competitive edge.