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ISRA PARSYTEC presents web break monitoring systems based on IntelliCam technology

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ISRA PARSYTEC presents web break monitoring systems based on IntelliCam technology

July 31, 2011 - 23:51

AACHEN, Germany, Aug. 1, 2011 (Press Release) -Reduce scrap, improve quality and optimize production - with ISRA PARSYTEC Web Break Monitoring Systems based on IntelliCam technology. The IntelliCam technology has been successfully employed by leading global manufacturers, who now can no longer do without it. Its unique technology makes it possible to reliably draw conclusions about causes of defects by superior imaging, recording and analyzing critical paper machine locations regardless of environmental conditions.

The ISRA Parsytec IntelliCam synchronizes the views of multiple paper machine locations and provides automatic and manual capture of defects, sheet breaks and sheet behavior. Detrimental process changes and defects are caught and corrected improving paper quality and stopping sheet breaks improving production.

Global acceptance- the new standard in web break monitoring

Midway through last year, the robust IntelliCam platform was announced as a new innovation at the ZELLCHEMING-Expo. Now just a few months later, the IntelliCam with intelligent imaging, low operating cost and unique self cleaning technology has proven its benefits to leading global paper producers. The major advantage of the IntelliCam system is the extremely high image quality: IntelliCam cameras provide crystal-clear images despite high production speeds and harsh environmental conditions.

With Web Break Monitoring Systems, paper manufacturers can systematically monitor the principle stages in production, from the wet end to the reel. These stages include, for example, the head box slice, the wet press, the guide rollers, the pre-dryer, the main dryer, the glue press, the calendar, and the reel.

IntelliCam-Sensors are installed at these different locations on the paper machine. High speed imaging from each camera location on the machine is synchronized so the same section of paper is viewed simultaneously in each position of the machine. The ability to view synchronized image sequences throughout the entire paper making process enables precise determination of the origin and cause of defects and sheet problems. This improves machine run ability and reduces defects that have to be removed at re-reeling saving waste and improving throughput The superior image quality enables clear views of subtle events at pick-up, trim squirt, and head box slice other systems can not clearly image. This enhanced view allows problems to be seen and corrective action to be taken much sooner.

The advantage is clear - process problems and defects become obvious

The first applications in practical situations have demonstrated that a wider range of defects and process variables can now for the first time be analyzed effectively. Until now it was frequently only possible to make assumptions about the stage of the production process at which defects occur - especilioaly on the wet end of the machine where typical systems have failed to produce long term meaningful images due to the harsh environment. IntelliCam provides long term image quality with integrated ultra bright LED lighting and unique self cleaning capabilities. The lighting system generates no heat - another huge benefit for safe, long term operation. The use of the IntelliCam technology is also applicable to tissue and towel production and converting where higher sheet speeds and a harsh environment is standard. Tissue machine run ability is improved and sheet breaks at converting are reduced. IntelliCam has significantly improved tissue converting efficiency. Users confirm that completely unexpected causes for quality problems have been identified. The return on investment can be achieved after just a few weeks.

Compact sensors with extremely modern technology

A Compact, smart sensor is the key component of IntelliCam. This is coupled with a choice of speed, color or black and white and a robust hardened stainless steel design. The architecture is easiest and lowest cost to integrate due to reduced connections and cabling. IntelliCam offers an IP66 rating for the harshest environments, the automatic cleaning of the viewing port ensures that the image quality is always perfect without regular maintenance. IntelliCam, when equipped with a color sensor can detect color variations. and characteristics.


The IntelliCam system breaks through previous limitations of paper machine monitoring and empowers its users to achieve a higher paper quality and increased production due to higher machine speeds and reduced sheet breaks. Machine operators receive immediate online information concerning the location and cause of defects. The superior image quality clearly shows process problems this makes it possible to solve problems quicker optimizing run ability and reducing defects. IntelliCam's unique design reduces cost and maintenance- providing clear images 24/7. The experts at ISRA VISION are committed to provide paper, paperboard, and tissue producers improved productivity through innovative surface inspection technology.