Holmen sets new speed record with ABB paper machine drive in Madrid

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Holmen sets new speed record with ABB paper machine drive in Madrid

March 31, 2010 - 07:05

HELSINKI, March 29, 2010 (Press Release) -ABB's Paper Machine Drive solution has helped the Holmen Paper ‘s mill in Madrid, Spain to achieve a world speed record for production once again. The new record was set on 25thof January, 2010; this is the third speed record for the newsprint production on PM62. The new record was reached on PM62 over a period of 24 hours with an average speed of 2,014 meters per minute.

Holmen Paper is one of the Europe's leading producers of newsprint and magazine paper and its Madrid mill is one of the Europe's most efficient newsprint paper mills. It produces standard newsprint, along with MF Magazine and lightly coated paper.

ABB's PMC800 Paper Machine Drive solution enables easy and efficient control of production speed, while maintaining high product quality. The PMC800 is a proven solution for papermakers, with a unique combination of software and hardware to achieve the highest level of system performance. The solution is optimized according to the Holmen Paper's specific requirements, which enables them to benefit from optimally dimensioned but high-capacity drive power.

Delivered in 2005, ABB's solution consists of 48 ACS800 Multidrive inverters and motors for the paper machine and 10 AC Multidrive inverters and motors for two winders (5 units / each). It also includes System 800xA based automation solutions for the Quality Control System and Web Inspection System. The Paper Machine and winder drive systems include an ACS800 Engineering Demo unit, System 800xA Process Portal Operator Stations and Graphical Operator Panel G2010 control panels. ABB also provided installation supervision, training, startup and stand-by services. The paper machine started operation at the end of 2005; it has a production capacity of around 400,000 tons per year with a machine width of 9650 mm.