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Favini restyles website and brand identity

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Favini restyles website and brand identity

June 05, 2014 - 00:55

MILAN, Italy, June 5, 2014 (Press Release) -

Favini comes up with a new image. Favini is the world leader in the design and creation of patterns and designs for the production of synthetic leather for industries such as fashion, design, luxury goods, device covers and technical sportswear and among the world leaders in the creation of innovative graphics specialties using natural raw materials (e.g. cellulose, algae, fruit, and more) for the packaging of products made by the world's leading luxury and fashion groups.Favini has now kicked off a complete restyling of its corporate image.

The restyling, handled by the British agency Silk Pearce, will primarily involve areas such as the portal, the most important swatches of graphic specialties and release; in the second half of the year, it will continue with the complete overhaul of the visuals book, the swatches' completion and the new design for trade fair stands.

Favini is a firm that makes innovation and research its raison d'être. Thanks to the attractive and the appealing style, Favini's image is perfectly aligned with the style of their partners, leading players in the fields of luxury, fashion and design.

Overhauling the website has been the most significant task (, now it's a truly comprehensive portal, which stands out for its elegance, colours and modernity, providing an intuitive and simple presentation of all Favini's solutions, with several more Graphic Specialities and Casting Releases.

A lot of space is given to the section about surfaces for the synthetic leathers' production ( Equally important are the graphic specialities and the news about the most prestigious partnerships and deals, without forgetting the ecosystem's protection, that is an underlying theme for Favini that has inspired top products' production, such as Crush, Shiro Alga Carta and Carta Crusca (bran paper), the latter paper created in conjunction with Barilla.

Dynamic documentary videos help create a lifestyle mood, videos are a great way of helping visitors understand the main processes which Favini goes through, such as making release products or using graphic specialities to create prestigious packaging.

With its strong character, combining elegance and glamour, the new website features a lightweight, interactive interface with a decidedly Web 2.0-oriented approach: thanks to the constant updating and uploading content onto social network pages, Favini's website is always in contact with the stakeholders, providing them with helpful advice and valuable support to help them create their new projects.

"Having a strong online presence, with a cutting-edge website that can respond adequately to the needs of a constantly changing marketplace is absolutely essential for us," says Favini CEO Andrea Nappa. "Our partners must be able to access the information they need in a simple and immediate fashion, and need to see us as a partner who speaks the same language in terms of style, design and innovation. Indeed, Favini's whole coordinated image restyling process follows this approach."

Favini S.p.A.

Favini is worldwide leader in the design and production of textures and finishing solutions for eco-leather for fashion, luxury, design, IT and technical sportswear sectors. Favini is also a leading global producer of graphics specialties - natural fibers-based (cellulose, algae, fruits, etc...) - for the packaging of luxury and fashion industries. It also operates in the converting products industry sector that includes activities related to the creation and production of stationery for school, leisure and office, for high-end market.