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Voith to rebuild containerboard unit PM 4 for Varel Paper in Germany

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Voith to rebuild containerboard unit PM 4 for Varel Paper in Germany

July 21, 2010 - 22:03

HEIDENHEIM, Germany, July 22, 2010 (Press Release) -This is the fourth time in a row that Varel Paper and Board Mill awards Voith Paper with a very sophisticated project. Besides increasing production capacity and extending the product range of PM 4, the focus is on efficient energy use and environment-friendly paper production.

The company, domiciled in Varel, Germany, currently produces corrugating medium and testliner in a basis weight range of 120 to 220 g/m² on its PM 4. Before the turn of the year 2010/11, an extensive rebuild and maintenance program will be launched. The capacity of PM 4 will be increased to 300,000 t/a and in future, about 50 % of its production will be white liner grades.

Because of the additionally required raw materials, the rebuild comprises a major extension of the stock preparation system to three lines, for which Voith will deliver the crucial equipment. PM 4 will undergo complete modernization. For instance, the paper machine will be equipped with new approach flow systems, the headboxes will be renewed and both fourdrinier wires will be extended. A DuoD hybrid former will be installed for the back ply, while the top ply will be equipped with a DuoShake unit.

The dryer section will be completely renewed, and a SpeedSizer film press including non-contact web drying will replace the old unit. In addition, PM 4 will receive a new soft calender and a MasterReel unit. On the winder, a new unwind station for larger parent rolls will be installed.

Voith Paper Automation is responsible for the complete modernization of the paper machine control system.

A particularly interesting aspect of this rebuild is the working width of the new components, which will be widened from 5.1 m to 5.3 m, thus making way for the future.

Varel Paper Mill takes on the enormous job of engineering and planning and will be assisted by Voith Paper. Start-up of PM 4 is scheduled for mid-February 2011.

With this rebuild, Varel intends to achieve considerable energy savings. Environmental aspects are in the focus nowadays: Varel wants to produce environment-friendly products as resource-conserving as possible. The target is to significantly reduce CO2 emissions throughout the paper production process.