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Voith Paper installs new vacuum system on Dresden Papier's PM 4 in Heidenau, Germany

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Voith Paper installs new vacuum system on Dresden Papier's PM 4 in Heidenau, Germany

February 16, 2011 - 22:31

HEIDENHEIM, Germany, Feb. 16, 2011 (Press Release) -Environmental protection and energy saving go together very well, as shown by the example of Dresden Papier. The German company commissioned Voith Paper to install a new vacuum system for the wire and press sections of its PM 4 in Heidenau and to optimize the heat recovery system to achieve these two goals.

Early in 2010, Dresden Papier placed the order for the rebuild and only six months later, it was completed - to the customer's fullest satisfaction. With the exception of construction work, Voith Paper was responsible for the complete scope of supply and services.

Dresden Papier based its investment decision on an extensive pre-engineering of the existing vacuum system and a balancing of the entire PM and building ventilation technology. The paper mill wanted to record and implement both the economy and the energy saving potential. The examination was performed by Voith Paper.

The overall concept was decisive for receiving this order, taking account of future rebuild stages to achieve an optimal PM energy balance step by step.

A vacuum blower system ensures high thermodynamic efficiency, allowing at the same time power input depending on the air requirements at the paper machine. The hot exhaust air produced can be used for hood supply-air heating through heat exchangers to reduce steam consumption there.

Another important aspect in terms of environmental protection is the fact that this technology does not consume any fresh water as conventional systems do.

Hence, operating costs are also decreased, and maintenance is optimized due to the reduced number of vacuum generators.

At present, the PM 4 in Heidenau produces 45,000 tons per year of coated and uncoated wallpaper base and the mill is thus the world's largest producer in this product segment. Dresden Papier GmbH is a subsidiary of the Canadian Fortress Paper, Ltd.