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Sweden's Innventia nominated for design award

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Sweden's Innventia nominated for design award

March 02, 2015 - 13:40

Innventia and Tomorrow Machine have been nominated for the design award INDEX: Award 2015 in the category Home-Sustainable Living for the Self-cleaning cellulose dinnerware. This demonstrator is made of a new biodegradable material. In the future it will be possible to safely make the surface superhydrophobic, giving tableware that does not need washing up after use.

The Self-cleaning cellulose dinnerware demonstrates a new material entirely made from cellulose. By using heat and pressure, the pulp can be hot pressed together with water to create complex 3D shapes. The process makes the material stiffer, more water-resistant, and gives it a better "sound" when tapped so that it is experienced as a high-quality cellulose material that is biodegradable. This combination of properties is so attractive that maybe it will enable us to replace dinnerware in use today. In the future it will be possible to safely make the surface superhydrophobic, giving tableware that does not need washing up after use.

"For the purposes of demonstration, the bowl and dish were treated with a commercially available superhydrophobic spray, but in the future, the cellulose surface could be modified on a structural or molecular level to give this and other properties," says Hjalmar Granberg, a researcher at Innventia.

Innventia and Tomorrow Machine developed the demonstrator inspired by The Swedish Forest Industries Federation's Ekoportal2035. This exciting vision of the future has forest-based renewable materials at centre stage. Ekoportal2035 shows possibilities, but long-term research, development and demonstration are required in order for the product ideas to be realised. This is not the first time Innventia and Tomorrow Machine are nominated for a design award. In 2013, they were awarded both The Dieline Sustainable Packaging Award and the Bio category of the Swedish award Packovationer for the demonstrator "Sustainable Expanding Bowl".

"At Innventia, we think working with demonstrators is an excellent way of visualising research findings. It's also a way of discovering that a material can have many different expressions, and hence many applications," states project manager Marie-Claude Béland.

INDEX: Award is awarded biennially in Denmark. The design award is split into five categories: Body, Home, Work, Play & Learning and Community. All winners and finalists are selected by The international INDEX: Award Jury according to the three criteria of Form, Impact and Context, representing not only the appearance of the design but also its ability to improve life for its user.