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Metso delivers Kappa Q analyzer at Södra Mörrum plant in Sweden

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Metso delivers Kappa Q analyzer at Södra Mörrum plant in Sweden

November 04, 2012 - 22:14

HELSINKI, Nov. 5, 2012 (Press Release) -Metso has delivered a second order for a large Kappa Q analyzer unit to Södra's Mörrum plant. The delivered analyzer replaces Mörrum's retiring Metso Kappa analyzers after a long service of over fifteen years. The new analyzer includes the online Kappa and Brightness measurements and, as a new feature to the previous ones, online Fiber and Shives measurements. The fiber properties measurements open a new door to even tighter pulp quality and process control through the whole fiber line from cooking to baling.

"The start up was successful and now the production has got an additional strong tool to improve both quality and capacity. Metso's way of managing and running things for the installation and start up is very professional," says Project Manager Sigurd Björkman, Södra Cell Mörrum.

A first order for a new Metso Kappa Q analyzer was placed in May 2011 to replace the existing analyzer installations. The analyzer had two cabinets both with separate washing and measuring chambers. One of the cabinets was equipped with brightness and the other with kappa and brightness measurements. Additionally, there was online fiber and shive measurement for all process sampling locations.

Södra Cell Mörrum mill is a Nordic pioneer in using Metso Kappa and Brightness analyzers as the key online measurements to manage kraft pulping in producing high quality pulp for global markets. The Mörrum mill purchased their first Kappa analyzer from Metso over fifteen years ago, and Mörrum's impact on solutions development of the online brightness analyzer, in cooperation with Metso in the mid-nineteen-nineties, was substantial. During their lifecycle, the analyzers carried out altogether 4.5 million measurements. After well over a decade's usage of two Kappa analyzers and a Brightness analyzer the mill decided to gradually replace the old analyzers with recently released modern Metso Kappa Q technology.

The Södra Cell Mörrum mill has several other Metso analyzers and sensor installations, such as Metso Alkali analyzers in the caustification plant and different versions of Cormec and Polarox inline-measurements of pulp brightness and residual chemicals.

Södra Cell Mörrum is a leading paper pulp producer in the world and part of the Södra company. Annually, Södra Cell produces 360,000 tons of pulp of which 87% is exported.

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