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SCA launches new sustainable packaging product area

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SCA launches new sustainable packaging product area

November 09, 2013 - 09:43

STOCKHOLM, Nov. 7, 2013 (Press Release) - SCA is launching a new product area, Sustainable Packaging, comprising a portfolio of packaging paper. The new products will offer excellent printability, have a world-leading environmental profile and be highly competitive.

"We have been working for several years to develop products that can complement our production of both publication papers and kraftliner," says Rolf Johannesson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, at SCA Forest Products. "Sustainable Packaging is the first result of this development project."

"Packaging material is an attractive and growing market, where we can meet high demands for sustainability and a growing share renewable materials. Our target for the first phase is to produce at least 75,000 tons of these products over the next two years."

Sustainable Packaging comprises three product families: SPLENDO, OPERIO and PURO. They include both coated and uncoated grades and combine a resource-efficient, strong and light packaging material with excellent printability. They also offer attractive features in terms of product safety and environmental performance, such as a uniquely low carbon footprint, fresh fibre from sustainably managed forests and environmentally compatible production.

Sustainable Packaging can be used when manufacturing corrugated products, as a printing surface on board material or as flexible packaging for food, an expanding product area.

The new products will be produced at Ortviken paper mill.

"These new products make use of Ortviken's real strengths - first-class mechanical pulp based on fresh spruce fiber, the flexibility offered by our four paper machines when manufacturing coated and uncoated grades of paper and our strong environmental profile. Access to chlorine-free bleached kraft pulp from Östrand and the expertise offered by SCA's R&D Centre have also been invaluable assets," says Kristina Enander, Mill Manager at SCA Ortviken.

SCA Ortviken in Sundsvall has a production capacity of approximately 900,000 tons of coated and uncoated paper per year and employs approximately 700 people.