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Mercer's ZPR receives certificates by TÜV Thüringen for its new in-house energy management system at Rosenthal kraft pulp mill in Germany

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Mercer's ZPR receives certificates by TÜV Thüringen for its new in-house energy management system at Rosenthal kraft pulp mill in Germany

August 23, 2012 - 04:05

BLANKENSTEIN, Germany, Aug. 23, 2012 (Press Release) -

In addition to the core business of pulp production, ZPR GmbH operates the second largest biomass power plant in Germany. In a combined heat and power plant significant amounts of bioheat and bioelectricity are generated. About 45 per cent of the wood fed into the mill becomes kraft pulp. The remaining 55 per cent is converted to a biofuel known as black liquor, and is burned in our modern recovery boiler to produce power. As a renewable resource, wood is carbon neutral and energy produced from wood can therefore be regarded as 'green' as opposed to the energy produced from non-renewable sources. Rosenthal generates more energy than consumed in the mill. The surplus energy of approximately 150,000 Mega Watt hours per year is fed into the power grid, providing sufficient power for a city of approximately 50,000 residents.

Thus, ZPR GmbH makes a significant and measurable contribution to the improvement of the green power balance, already since 1999. In 2011, various energetic records were set; more than 400,000 MWh of green power were produced of which approximately 160,000 MWh were sold. Efforts to even exceed this peak are currently running, and, the signs are good that we will actually succeed: in July 2012 16,028 MWh of green power were sold, whereas in July 2011 only 14,281 MWh were sold.

On our way to further improve the energy efficiency and to reduce the energy consumption further, we have introduced a new in-house energy management system. In the last week of May 2012 the certification of our management systems took place. The so far existing integrated management system consisting of quality (ISO 9001) and environment (ISO 14001) was complemented by the energy management system (ISO 50001) this year.

In two days, four auditors of the certification body of TÜV Thüringen examined very closely the mill's processes for compliance with the requirements of the relevant standard. For this purpose interviews with individual employees were conducted in almost all departments of the company. As a result, the auditors of the certification body recommended awarding the certificates to ZPR for all three systems. Meanwhile, the certificate has been handed over to ZPR (certificate available in the internet under

So ZPR is Mercer's first subsidiary having introduced an energy management system according to international standards. The auditor team of TÜV thanked us for our openness and cooperation within the auditing process.

The official handover of the certificates by TÜV Thüringen took place on August 14, 2012 in Rosenthal.

Sustainable management within the energy sector and other key areas of our business does not only mean to assume responsibility, but has increasingly become an important economic and profitability factor.

This responsibility is well established in our business policy. Under the headline "Sustainability in everyday business" this year's Open Day will take place on September 22, 2012 in the time from 10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. (last entrance 04:30 p.m.) at our operation in Blankenstein. In the field of "Environmental Sustainability" a special sustainability exhibition will inform you about the topic of "energy" in Rosenthal. We are very pleased that one of our guests on the Open Day will be Mrs. Christine Lieberknecht, Prime Minister of Thuringia. Visit us on our Open Day, too. We warmly invite you to attend this event.