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Care By Iggesund — A Complete Circle Of Service

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Care By Iggesund — A Complete Circle Of Service

August 10, 2015 - 14:56

BRUSSELS, Aug. 1, 2015 (PPI Magazine) -The human dimension is critical to every aspect of sustainable success. Founded in 1685, Iggesund Paperboard is part of the forest industry group Holmen, which owns more than 1.3 million hectares of forest in Sweden.

Care by Iggesund, a service business concept, was recently launched globally by the makers of Invercote and Incada, two leading premium brands of paperboard. As a brand owner, designer, printer, converter, supply chain manager, environmental specialist, or even supplier to the Iggesund mills, what does this mean for you?

"Our entire system of care revolves around delivering premium paperboard solutions, supported by technical gurus to assure maximum functionality, and a profound belief in sustainability," says Jonas Bergström, service leader for Iggesund.

According to Arvid Sundblad, Iggesund vice president of sales and marketing, "We've entered a new age of cooperation and interaction, because all of us are challenged to do things differently. Invercote, and Incada, supported by our Care by Iggesund team, reach everyone who touches the process.

"In all cases, Iggesund Knowledge Care provides understanding of how to optimize production runs and creative appearance on the shelf. This capability wins us a lot of repeat business, and fuels product development."

Sunblad suggests, "One recent innovation for digital or traditional offset printing is our upgraded Invercote G. Based on market input, we now deliver a slight coating on the reverse side. This enables a more consistent print result, keeping the natural tactile feeling of an uncoated sheet."

Jessica Tommila, Care by Iggesund Team Leader, explains further, "You can read and see for yourself about the care we take of our forests, and every aspect of our paperboard processes, including impact on the environment. We are an open book of good will and business practices to support sustainability."

Holistic Service Care

When you go to the website, you will see six categories of Care. When Iggesund's management team began to explore the full value of their brands, they realized that the people dimension is as important as the paperboard products.

"Local success on a job-by-job basis is really about the delivery of knowledge, not just premium virgin fiber from our own sustainability grown and managed forests in Sweden. Just as each Iggesund tree requires 100 years to fully develop, generations of professionals at Iggesund actually span more years than the forests!" according to Tommila.

"With Iggesund, you get years of know-how and continuous improvement to provide superior foldability, strength, surface smoothness, printability and more. Our people have the finesse to bring you a unique capability."

According to Anna Martensson, who leads Environmental Care, "Well-managed forests transform carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen and serve as nature's own carbon storage solution. As part of Environmental Care, we are committed to mitigating climate change and managing our forests and manufacturing processes, so that we leave nature better off than when we borrowed from it.

Martensson concludes, "Our focus is truly on sustainable paperboard solutions for customers, society and the natural world. We believe black figures are best grown from green assets."

Iggesund Paperboards's product families include Invercote, solid bleached board, made in Sweden, and Incada, folding box board, made in the UK

Adopt a Tree Program

Anna Martensson, who leads Environmental Care, explains, "Our focus is truly sustainable paperboard solutions for customers, society and the natural world. To become part of our Adopt a Tree Program send us your email and we'll get you started with naming trees in our managed forests after you.

"We also believe in adding value to customers by showcasing our Environmental Care model for sustainability. Every year, many brand owners, converters, printers and designers experience this when visiting our vast forest holdings."

Martin Koepenick, Innova, has extensive experience covering the forest products industry. He is based in Atlanta, GA, and can be reached