BTG wins ATIP Innovation Gold Prize

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BTG wins ATIP Innovation Gold Prize

September 14, 2011 - 19:29

ECLEPENS, Switzerland, Sept. 15, 2011 (Press Release) -BTG is the proud winner of this year's ATIP Innovation Gold Prize. The award was received for the TCR-2512/2502 "Peak TOTASH In-line transmitter for measurement of total consistency and ash content".

In pulp preparation, for the consistency range of 0.5 to 14%, current technology uses different measuring principles:

  • Total consistency by optical or microwave principle: in-line measurement
  • Ash content by optical (depolarized retro-diffusion) principle: on-line measurement
  • Consistency by shear-force principle (rotating or blade): in-line measurement

The measurement of total consistency and ash content hence necessitates the use of several measurement probes.

BTG's innovation TCR-2502 / TCR-2512 use one unique measurement principle to very precisely and separately evaluate:

  • Total consistency in the range of 0.5 - 12%
  • Filler content in the range of 1 - 70%
  • Fiber consistency in the range of 0.4 - 10%.

This method is applicable in each step of the papermaking process. The technology allows financial gains of 50 up to 300 k€ per year: from the pulper to the machine chest for pulp, waste water and slurries

Some examples:

  • After the pulper: filler control through raw material selection
  • Waste water treatment, deinking: productivity optimization through filler content management
  • Refining: energy savings through precise and true calculation of the specific energy on the fiber
  • Mixing chest: precise substitution of fibers by filler. Improved use of broke through the control of filler content
  • Headbox: reduced basis weight variation
  • Effluent treatment: precise evaluation of fiber loss and slurry optimization