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BTG launches its new MütekTM SZP-10 surface charge measurement

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BTG launches its new MütekTM SZP-10 surface charge measurement

May 16, 2011 - 16:00

ECLEPENS, Switzerland, May 17, 2011 (Press Release) -BTG launches MütekTM SZP-10, the successor to the widely popular Mütek SZP-06. Like its industry-standard predecessor, it identifies the surface charge of fibers, pigments and other solid materials. It can be used to assess chemical additives such as dispersants, wet strength agents or coatings in a manufacturing process without extensive sample preparation (as is needed for electrophoresis, for example).

The new SZP-10 reflects feedback from our customers - chemical suppliers and R&D labs - with ten years' experience of zeta potential measurements. As a result, the new instrument is as light, compact and fast as zeta potential measuring instruments can get.

Other features which make the Mütek SZP-10 a highly reliable working companion include:

  • easy handling with intuitive user guidance;

  • significantly reduced size and weight;

  • quick, worry-free initialization, with pre-set parameters and automatic pressure difference adjustment;

  • fast and highly accurate measurements, with zeta potential results provided within a couple of minutes;

  • data transfer via USB stick into Microsoft Excel or directly into BTG software;

  • a new, lighter trolley

to mention but a few.