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Bolloré Thin Papers launches new Web Order Service

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Bolloré Thin Papers launches new Web Order Service

June 09, 2015 - 19:35

THONON-LES-BAINS, France, June 5, 2015 (Press Release) -Bolloré Thin papers has always put the needs and satisfaction of their customers at the forefront of everything they do. Bolloré continues to adopt this approach, which centres on providing a simple, responsive service that customers trust.

Access to logistics information in real time

Faced with the challenge of managing a complex logistics chain, in addition to customers' many calloff orders and a steady rise in the stock of finished products, Bolloré Thin papers decided to implement a new IT solution to manage orders. Using this, we hope to be able to better manage stock while adapting quantities to the pace of production campaigns.

The WOS portal, designed in collaboration with Honeywell, was officially launched in 2014. In line with efforts to simplify the supply chain, the software was implemented for customers by Bolloré Thin Papers' sales administration department. Éric Riccobène, Information Systems Manager at Bolloré Thin papers, explains, "It's about showing our customers that we respond to their needs swiftly, and providing them with stock updates in real time.

What the Web Order Service offers

In a sector where accessing accurate data in real time is so important, the WOS stock management solution is a huge benefit for sales teams. The software allows access to detailed information on the quantities released, volumes, requested delivery times and so forth, all in real time.

For customers, the software improves order tracking by informing them of any stock movement when viewing their orders, stock availability (with old stock appearing on the screen first) and the option to place new call-off orders. New orders are only accepted if the oldest stock has already been sold. In this way, types of stock and their movements can be closely monitored, and there is an increase in the amount of realtime information available. "Thanks to the WOS software, we can really improve the quality of service provided to our customers, and we benefit from a more efficient supply chain".

One year later: a tried and tested solution with development opportunities

"The WOS solution will allow Bolloré Thin papers to significantly reduce their stock of finished products, optimise machine production capacities, and make it easier to manage stock rotation. Looking forward, there are planned changes to the software, for example customers will soon be able to print administrative documents such as invoices, and will be able to download a file containing their stock information, etc." Éric Riccobène explains.

This comprehensive solution allows Bolloré Thin papers to guarantee a responsive service and optimise their supply chain, all while ensuring that stock is managed efficiently and effectively.