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BOBST launches world’s first built-in zero-fault quality control device for folding and gluing machines

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BOBST launches world’s first built-in zero-fault quality control device for folding and gluing machines

November 16, 2011 - 23:52

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Nov. 17, 2011 (Press Release) -

BOBST, the world's leading supplier of quality machinery and services to packaging manufacturers, has today announced the launch of ACCUCHECK, the world's first built-in zero-fault quality control device for folding and gluing machines. Building on over 20 years of innovation in high-speed print quality control cameras and image processing, the BOBST ACCUCHECK system enables manufacturers to drive quality, performance and productivity in packaging with complete control and 100 percent quality output.

With just-in-time production now the prime manufacturing method, time-to-market of new products and promotions has been shortened dramatically. Brand owners therefore need packaging suppliers to deliver products during a very narrow time window, meaning the packaging must be faultless, both mechanically and in terms of print. The latest in a line of over 350 BOBST units worldwide which include built-in print quality control devices, ACCUCHECK will enable manufacturers to meet demands for rapid and faultless folding and gluing packaging production, checking the print on every single carton, in-line, during the last process before the boxes are packed and dispatched to the filling lines.

Using a high definition camera based on the Registron® quality control system, ACCUCHECK scans each carton as it enters the folder-gluer, comparing the real-time image against the reference image. ACCUCHECK has been designed for the extremely high rate of data flow received from the camera during production, enabling it to interface perfectly with the host folder-gluer to ensure that any non-conforming carton is logged in the management system and ejected.

ACCUCHECK is able to automatically detect a range of print and print-related defects such as hickeys and spots, physical defects of the carton such as scratches or rubs, inaccurate die-cutting and problems with the control of colour variation. Depending on the settings defined for the run, the defective carton can be allowed to continue, or automatically ejected, without affecting production. Whether ejected or not, defects are recorded for later analysis.

Jean-Pascal Bobst, CEO of Bobst Group, commented: "Our machines are designed to give manufacturers the flexibility to do things you simply cannot do with other equipment - keeping our customers one step ahead of the competition. The launch of ACCUCHECK demonstrates our commitment to zero fault packaging - we believe the application of this technology will revolutionise the quality control process for packaging manufacturers. We are proud that we were first to bring to market a user friendly and extremely versatile printing defects detection system with Registron®, and with continued innovations such as this, our customers rely on us to maximise quality, performance and productivity of their production".