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BOBST launches new Gyrobox device for corrugated board industry

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BOBST launches new Gyrobox device for corrugated board industry

December 11, 2011 - 19:50

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Dec. 12, 2011 (Press Release) -BOBST, the world's leading supplier of quality machinery and services to packaging manufacturers, has today announced the worldwide launch of GYROBOX, the first device for the corrugated board industry which can turn a blank 90 degrees to fold and glue on all four sides in just one pass. The device will drive creativity, productivity and efficiency in the corrugated board industry by reducing the complexity of producing the boxes that are increasingly demanded by brand owners.

With the corrugated board packaging industry forecast to grow just 4.7 percent between 2010 and 2015 (1) , it is crucial for manufacturers to offer value-added services in order to retain a competitive edge and drive increased margins. As brand owners in industries such as food packaging, e-commerce and parcel logistics demand increasingly complex boxes with multiple compartments, BOBST's new GYROBOX device for the corrugated board industry enables its customers to meet these creative requirements faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Jean-Pascal Bobst, CEO of Bobst Group comments: "For many years, the folding carton industry has benefited from our GYROBOX solution on folder-gluers - around 25 million boxes are produced every day on our GYROBOX-enabled machines. With over ten years' expertise in this area, we're delighted to now bring this innovation to the corrugated board industry. We believe GYROBOX will revolutionise corrugated board manufacturing, allowing designers to unlock their imagination and helping our customers to maximise productivity by simplifying the production of these creative solutions. The launch reaffirms our commitment to continued innovation which gives manufacturers the flexibility to do things they simply cannot do with other equipment - keeping our customers one step ahead of the competition".

Currently available for BOBST's MASTERFOLD 170 folder-gluer, the GYROBOX device can pivot a blank at any angle from 0° to 90° in the running direction, making it possible to complete boxes in a single pass which would have previously required two. With the GYROBOX module installed, BOBST's customers will have the most productive corrugated board folder-gluer on the market. Alongside complex packaging, GYROBOX can also produce standard boxes with no loss of speed, providing the flexibility required in today's competitive market. BOBST is also able to provide GYROBOX-enabled corrugated board folder-gluers as bespoke solutions to meet customers' individual requirements.