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Bobst to launch new machines and expand services at IPEX 2010

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Bobst to launch new machines and expand services at IPEX 2010

April 15, 2010 - 17:46

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, April 15, 2010 (Press Release) -At a press conference late last month, Bobst Group CEO Jean-Pascal Bobst detailed the moves the Group has made in response to changes in world markets, and revealed plans for a large number of product launches in 2010. It was announced that, in parallel with exhibiting at the UK based IPEX2010 trade fair, BOBST will run live machine demonstrations at two local UK locations, one dedicated to commercial print and one to packaging manufacture. BOBST will also use the show to launch a free web portal for the buying and selling of used Bobst equipment. Dates were announced for the first ever joint corrugated and folding carton industries BOBST COMPETENCE open house later in the year.

"People and knowledge are the keys to the ongoing success of Bobst Group, and will continue to differentiate us from other players in the market in the future," according to Jean-Pascal Bobst. "We plan to continue our strong focus on R&D and innovation, and our new BusinessUnit Sheet-fed will launch a large number of new products in 2010 which will provide our customers with an even broader range of high performance, quality products."

Mr. Bobst reviewed trends in the markets during 2009 and explained that Q3 and Q4 of 2009 showed some very positive signs. "Our response to the global downturn has been, externally, to actively support our customers' needs in these difficult times and, internally, to launch a Group Transformation Project to further increase customer satisfaction, broadenmarket coverage, extend our sales and service coverage, and gain approximately $95,000,000 in savings by 2011," said Mr. Bobst.

The Group Transformation Program has been designed to deliver operational excellence through improved synergies. It's helping us to define opportunities for organic growth and will ensure the effective operation of our organization. "With this and our strong equity situation, Bobst Group will emerge stronger from the global crisis," promised Mr. Bobst.

The new Bobst Group Sheet-fed Business Unit now serves clients in the folding carton and corrugated packaging industries as well as in commercial print. It encompasses the Bobst,Martin, and Asitrade brands. The focus of this business unit is on offering the best technical solutions for each customer's needs, strong customer connections, and long term business sustainability.

Several new product launches from this business unit will take place during 2010. Already available are the VISIONFOIL 104H hot foil stamper, designed with brand and product protection using holograms in mind, and the new iQ300, a 100% quality control system for corrugated post-printers.

Further launches in 2010 will include an innovation for easier compliance with European Union Braille embossing regulations; a new hot foil stamping machine featuring a 20% increase in productivity which includes over 20 new patented technologies; a new development that increases the speed of bottle carrier packaging production by 20%; a new flexo printing press able to challenge the quality and consistency of offset printing; new diecutting and folding-gluing machines bringing superior quality, accuracy and reliability to the mid range; a large format folder-gluer with automatic packing for corrugated and litho-laminated packaging; and a new ASITRADE product offering the ‘next generation' of in-line laminating.

The newly established Services Business Unit will help Bobst Group customers increase their productivity and lower their cost of ownership. It is establishing ten dedicated BOBST Service Centers worldwide; with dedicated spare parts stocks in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. This move will provide an increased portfolio of services, parts, and consumables; and a faster response time and easier access to BOBST Services.

Dates were announced for the first joint folding carton and corrugated board industry BOBST COMPETENCE event, which will be held between the 22nd and 28th of September 2010 at BOBST's headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. COMPETENCE'10 will give packaging manufacturers from around the world the opportunity to explore the BOBST solutions available for improving manufacturing performance, reducing waste and ensuring product quality that meets brand owner standards.

IPEX2010 will be held May 18-25 in Birmingham, England. At IPEX the Bobst Group stand will feature a virtual BOBST machine experience and the event will present the opportunity for commercial printers and packaging manufacturers to talk to Bobst specialists who can advise on every aspect of hot foil stamping, diecutting, embossing, and folding & gluing. Live demonstrations will be held throughout IPEX2010 at two nearby venues - a packaging experience at Printing & Packaging Co. Ltd in Hinckley, Leics. will feature an EXPERTCUT 106 PER diecutter and a MASTERFOLD 110 A-3; while a commercial print experience at Bobst's UK training centre in Redditch, Worcs. will feature a COMMERCIAL 106 diecutter and a VISIONFOLD 110 A-2 folder-gluer.

IPEX2010 will also see the official launch of <>, a web service where owners and potential buyers of pre-owned Bobst equipment can trade online for free.