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Bobst demonstrates latest equipment at its plant in Lausanne, Switzerland

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Bobst demonstrates latest equipment at its plant in Lausanne, Switzerland

October 05, 2010 - 23:45

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Oct. 6, 2010 (Press Release) -From 22nd - 28th September, Bobst Group played host at its Lausanne/Mex (Switzerland) plant in to more than 2000 visitors representing 626 companies from 57 different countries. The event attracted visitors from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, South Africa, China and Japan.

"Towards Zero Fault Packaging"

The theme of COMPETENCE '10 allowed for a number of interesting exchanges on the subject which also saw ASITRADE, FISCHER & KRECKE, and MARTIN, all members of Bobst Group, taking part, as did twenty partner suppliers.

Each day of the event begin with an introduction from Mr. Jean-Pascal Bobst, CEO of Bobst Group, followed by a presentation on the event theme by a guest speaker, all of who were customers of BOBST. Philippe Ratte (Director of LGR Emballages, France), Bernd Assmann (Managing Director of Joh. Leupold GmbH Co KG, Germany), Tonino Dominici (CEO of Boxmarch, Italy), Henry Yarhi (President of SigmaQ, Central America and the USA, and president of International Packaging Group/IPG), Mitchell Kaneff (President and CEO of Arkay Packaging, USA) and Andrew Hartwig (Managing Director of Firstan Packaging, U.K.) each spoke on one of the event days about what they see as the issues driving quality in packaging markets.

All the production equipment presented in demonstration represented the last word in delivering product quality, as well as ensuring productivity and minimizing their ecological impact.

World Premieres for Corrugated Board

MASTERFLEX-HD: The flexo print line which represents the new standard for quality and productivity. Shown in-line with a LOADER-ML which is optimized for micro-flutes and board with delicate liners, the MASTERFLEX-HD features a ‘Start & Go' system which makes it possible to obtain register and be ready to run in just 6 minutes instead of the normal 18, while also reducing waste. Its proactive register system makes it possible to print work requiring the highest levels of register accuracy. Quality control on the press is carried out by an iQ300 system which ensures that 100% of the print run meets the required specifications; the system carrying out a quality control check on the whole surface of each sheet.

EXPERTCUT 1.6: This flat-bed diecutting press brings precision and consistency to the mid range with the introduction of Power Register for the precise positioning of each sheet before it is fed in. Consequently this delivers unmatched print to cut register and at a speed of 6,000 sheets per hour, EXPERTCUT delivers huge amounts of the most accurately cut and creased blanks.

EXPERTFOLD 300: The modular folder-gluer which delivers fast make-ready speeds for substrates from solid board to double-wall and for high value-added products flexo printed onto microflute. With lower energy requirements than its predecessors, EXPERTFOLD is a greener machine and is available in four widths and three configurations. At COMPETENCE'10, EXPERTFOLD was shown in line with the new LOGIPACK automatic packer which, despite its light touch, delivers a heavyweight performance when handling products from microflute to brown box. This robotized system counts, collects, batches, straps, and palletizes packages on the delivery side of the folder-gluer. Equipped with a standard strapping module, the unit can handle10 single strapped bundles per minute.

FS POLYJOINER 400 or independent POLYJOINER: Offers the highest degree of accuracy in the industry when it comes to joining up to three blanks together, and also opens up new markets for display units and two or three part boxes. The unit can be installed in front of any folder-gluer, whatever its type or manufacturer.

MASTERFLUTE: The latest generation of ASITRADE litho-laminators makes it possible to laminate lightweight pre-printed sheets onto single faced corrugated at faster speeds than ever before and with ultra precise positioning of the sheet. This is achieved thanks to the use of BOBST Registron® sensors in a system which delivers a reduction in stops as well as in waste.

World Premieres for Folding Carton

MASTERFOIL 106 PR: The new hot foil stamping press, offers a number of innovations. Speed, pressure, and temperature have all received detailed attention, in addition to precision and ecological impact. With a completely new design which delivers more time under impression, the MASTERFOIL needs less pressure and lower temperatures to achieve superb foiling results. More energy efficient because of this, MASTERFOIL can foil and emboss in one pass, at a speed of 8,000 sheets hours. Unmatched precision is achieved thanks to the use of a Power Register sheet introducer which perfectly registers each sheet, while a new approach to the ergonomics of the machine means that the operator is more productive.

At the Service of Customers

Alongside the world premiere machines, a huge range of diecutters, foil stampers and folder-gluers were on display in the BOBST Competence Center for visitors to explore. Here, new developments for the embossing of Braille using double ACCUBRAILLE units, a new BRAILLE-SCAN system for the quality control of Braille embossing, and a new unit called ACCUWIN for the inline application of clear windows were presented on BOBST folder-gluers.

The new Business Unit: Services within Bobst Group had a considerable presence at the event and customers were able to explore the great range of services and parts available which can improve the quality of their production and their performance.

Also on display in the Competence Center was, the new worldwide platform for buying and selling used BOBST machines. This platform makes it possible for users to trade online for free, confidentiality, and without expensive middle men.

The week was perfectly summed up by the address of Jean-Pascal Bobst, CEO of Bobst Group to the customers present: "We continue to invest in research, development, and innovation in order to preserve our technological leadership. This is why we are proud to present, under the theme "Towards Zero Fault Packaging" innovative products and services which will enable you to offer to your customers added value as well as real satisfaction."