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Andritz to present innovative solutions for the pulp and paper industry at Zellcheming 2010

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Andritz to present innovative solutions for the pulp and paper industry at Zellcheming 2010

June 15, 2010 - 22:51

GRAZ, Austria, June 16, 2010 (Press Release) -International technology Group Andritz will attend Zellcheming 2010 with its Pulp & Paper business area and Andritz Pumps, part of the Andritz Hydro business area.

Andritz Pumps presents its comprehensive centrifugal pump program. The newly developed Self-priming Centrifugal Pump from the AD Series, which has already been tried and tested in practice and which is very suitable for transporting media containing solids (e.g. for pulp, paper or effluent applications), will be shown as an exhibit. In addition, the Vertical Submerged Pump from the SAT Series and the Free-flow Pump from the VP Series will be presented. Andritz Sump Pumps convey fresh and white water, pulp suspensions, and waste water; the free-flow design of the vertical pumps is also suitable for conveying sludges containing large particles and abrasive media.

This year's lecture deals with the use of reverse-running pumps as pump turbines for energy recovery. Using the specific example of a pump turbine ahead of a microflotation plant, Andritz describes how optimum recovery of excess energy can be achieved. Andritz Reverse-running Pumps are used as energy recovery turbines (e.g. in pulp and paper mills), in mini power plants, and to provide an energy supply to mountain refuges and forest lodges. They are suitable for drinking water, residual and waste water, and pulp suspensions.

Innovations for the pulp and paper industry are also presented by Andritz Pulp & Paper:

> Andritz's deinking process is carried out in two-loop or three-loop systems comprising advanced screening stages, atmospheric and pressurized dispersing, washing, and two bleaching stages.

> The PrimeCoat Film technology for simultaneous coating of both sides of the sheet offers many benefits: low operating costs, ability to handle a wide range of machine speeds, quick changes of coat weight, good MD and CD profile characteristics, and a coating quality similar to contour coating.

> The PrimeDry Yankee head insulation in both cast and steel Yankees saves energy and reduces emissions during the production process. The head insulation can also be retrofitted to existing Yankees, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer.

> PrimeDustEx W is a wet collection system that prevents fire and explosion hazards associated with accumulation dust. The wet collector uses a unique extended inlet design with an outer wall and an internal guide vane.

> Andritz's SuperFlow disc filter sectors ensure high drainage which produces drier fiber mats in the filter to increase capacity. The U-profile construction enhances the flow of the filtrate and ensures very high stability and reliability.

> The new Bar-Tec® Nobilis is the screen basket for fine screening in DIP plants. With this screen basket, the slot width accuracy provides excellent results compared to conventional screen baskets. The new Bar-Tec® Valeo series provides robust and hard-wearing screen baskets for recycled pulp applications.