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PPI Awards – Still a chance to shine

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PPI Awards – Still a chance to shine

August 20, 2013 - 22:05

BRUSSELS, Aug. 21, 2013 (RISI) -The pulp and paper industry historically has not been very good at shouting about itself - that is until the PPI Awards came along five years ago.

Since then industry success stories have been coming out thick and fast - massive mill investments, impressive strategic thinking and incredible determination to continue to innovate in a changing world of multi-media.

Recognizing industry achievement

The challenges the industry faces are stacked
up, but so is the potential for success in all areas of the pulp and paper sector. PPI has continually recognized the huge achievements of companies,
mills and individuals in the pulp and paper sector and its annual PPI Awards is
testament to showing innovation across the industry.

The amount of entries for the awards so far this year has been phenomenal - a true reflection of the high amount of innovation currently going on across the industry. The awards ceremony this year will be held on December 11 at the Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre, in conjunction with the 2013 RISI Global Outlook Conference, December 9-11 and it isn't too late to enter your company.

The deadline has now been extended for nominations to August 30, but don't delay in ensuring that your company gets the recognition that it deserves in this exciting and diverse industry.

Two new categories

We have two new categories to reflect growing trends within the industry. The first - ‘Tissue - Innovative Product of the Year Award' will reflect this huge sector and the vast amount of innovation

The second new category ‘Adapting for Success' reflects the changing nature of the industry. If you have changed your mill and equipment around to accommodate the production of new grades, such as for the packaging industry, then this award is for you. Judges will be looking for great examples of your ability to innovate in changing times and your strategic planning for the shift from one paper grade to another to enhance your future business strategy.

Talented individuals

The pulp and paper industry has some highly talented individuals whose clear and strategic thinking in an ever changing industry to make their company a success in its own right never ceases to amaze the PPI team. The CEO of the Year Award yet again will recognize those individuals whose careful planning and a watchful eye on industry trends and innovation, allows the steering of their ship through sometimes stormy waters.

But it isn't just the ‘captains' of the industry that justify recognition, it also the individuals in the ‘engine room'of the pulp and paper industry that deserve equal appreciation. PPI's award category of ‘Mill Manager of the Year' has in the past shown the essential role that these highly skilled individuals have to ensure production is streamlined and efficient.

Other award categories too, such as ‘Advances & Innovation in Sustainable Packaging' and the ‘Environmental Award'reflect continuing advancements and progress within the industry to develop products and carry out production facility changes to accommodate the move towards a sustainable future.

The awards ceremony will no doubt be a fantastic evening and the PPI team is looking forward to seeing your company achieve full recognition for all of your hard work.

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