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Warneke Paper Box installs Bobst ExpertCut diecutter to increase efficiency

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Warneke Paper Box installs Bobst ExpertCut diecutter to increase efficiency

May 06, 2010 - 16:49

DENVER, CO, May 6, 2010 (Press Release) -Warneke Paper Box, a Denver, Colorado based manufacturer of custom packaging and displays recently added a Bobst EXPERTCUT 106 PER to their diecutting department. The new Bobst Autoplaten® diecutter replaced an existing Bobst SP 103 diecutter bringing additional capacity and capabilities to the operation. "New technology makes us faster and more competitive," says Steve Warneke, President of Warneke Paper Box. "And that's important to the success of any business today. We're always looking for ways to save our customers money. Taking advantage of the latest technology to help us maximize our efficiency and improve our already high level of quality certainly works toward that goal."

Speed and efficiency play major roles in Warneke's continued success. "We're continuously working to shorten turn-around times. Not too many years ago it could take three days to run a million piece order. Now we can print, die-cut, fold and glue a million pieces in less than a day. To do this we have to stay on the cutting edge of technology, make sure we have the best people available and give them the world's best equipment to work with. We only run one shift a day, but in that one shift we produce as much as most two shift operations."

Warneke's new EXPERTCUT 106 is configured with an in-line blanking section which eliminates the need for manual or second operation blanking. This results in significant time savings and waste reduction. The new diecutter is also equipped with Bobst PowerRegister, a unique optical registration system which allows sheets to be precisely registered laterally (side-to-side) as well as in the machine running direction while at full machine speed (9,000 sheets per hour). "Now all of our Bobst diecutters have the optical register feature (PowerRegister) and we can deliver ‘dead-on' print-to-cut, print-to-emboss and foil registration. That provides a big efficiency and quality advantage for us and our customers," says Warneke. "We run a very wide range of products and this allows us to register to the edge of the sheet, the edge of a label if we're running a litho-lam piece or to a printed mark on the sheet. So we have maximum control of sheet register regardless of its configuration and we can run right out to the edge of a sheet without worrying about damage from a side guide."

Process automation plays a big part in Warneke's quest for maximum efficiency. Their new EXPERTCUT installation includes a Bobst Automatic Pallet Transfer (ATP) system. Using job parameters input during set up, the system automatically loads and positions empty pallets, then discharges pallets of completed product without the need for operator intervention. "This lets the operators focus on the more important aspects of running the job," says Warneke. "They don't have to halt production to manually remove the completed pallet and insert an empty one."

Warneke says that in addition to the value-added features and high quality they provide, their customers expect quick turn-around and fair prices. "It's to our advantage, and that of our customers, to keep as much work as possible under our roof and under our control. This allows us to be more directly in control of quality and cost as well as turn-around. It also gives us the ability to immediately act upon customer changes or special requirements and offer a higher level of security and protection for our customers' products."

In addition to the EXPERTCUT 106, Warneke's diecutting department includes a Bobst SPrintera 106 PER and a SPanthera 106 LE. Keeping the diecutters supplied with tooling, Warneke's in-house die shop produces 25-30 high precision laser cut dies a week. "When you put as much work through with the short turn-around we target, you can't afford to be waiting on tooling. If a customer has a change or should a die get damaged, we can compensate with little or no impact on the delivery schedule and minimize the financial impact in the process. It's just one more of the competitive advantages we offer, according to Steve Warneke."