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t2e launches recovered paper marketplace for OCC and ONP at Frogmore mill in the UK

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t2e launches recovered paper marketplace for OCC and ONP at Frogmore mill in the UK

March 15, 2011 - 08:35

EDINBURGH, UK, March 15, 2011 (Press Release) -On Tuesday 15th March 2011, The Environment Exchange (t2e) will launch the UK's first online Recovered Paper marketplace for Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC) and Old Newspaper and Pamphlets (ONP) at The Paper Trail's Frogmore Paper Mill.

The collection of recovered paper in the UK has maintained healthy growth for the last two decades and in 2009 over 8 million tonnes were collected. Currently the UK does not have the capacity to recover all of the paper it collects. In 2009, over half of the collected paper was exported, mainly to China, India, and Indonesia. It is estimated that recovering rather than landfilling 1 tonne of paper and cardboard saves 1.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Domestic recycling of paper and cardboard in 2009 therefore represents a carbon saving of 3.8 million tonnes.

Despite the size of the industry, there is currently no centralised marketplace where industry can trade standardised contracts. Drawing on over 12 year's experience in operating the UK's marketplace for Packaging Recovery Notes under the EU Packaging Waste Regulations, t2e aims to improve accessibility to the best quality and available prices by providing participants with an additional avenue for buying and selling recovered paper.

After a year in development with input from key industry players and policy makers, t2e's recovered paper marketplace is ready for launch and the team have chosen The Paper Trail's Frogmore Paper Mill as a highly relevant venue for the industry.

The Paper Trail in Apsley, Hemel Hempstead is where paper was first made commercially by machine, back in 1803. Paper is still made at the mill, which is also a busy visitor centre for school parties and tourists, and for research into the manufacture and use of paper.

In choosing The Paper Trail as the launch venue, Angus Macpherson, t2e's MD said 'we're delighted to invite participants in the Recovered Paper market - merchants, mills, collectors, waste management companies and exporters - to the original home, for over 200 years, of commercial paper-making, and to introduce the future for this marketplace, with the support that new technology and communications can offer'.

Publicity Manager at The Paper Trail Margaret Curle added 'with paper traded on a world-wide basis it's appropriate to launch this important paper industry marketplace here, and we wish the Environment Exchange all success with their new initiative'.