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SGD Holdings starts sales of its tree-free copy paper EcoPaper on Amazon's website

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SGD Holdings starts sales of its tree-free copy paper EcoPaper on Amazon's website

March 07, 2013 - 22:37

VENTURA, CA, March 8, 2013 (PRNewswire), a wholly owned subsidiary of SGD Holdings LTD.

SGD Holdings is pleased to announce a partnership with, the world's largest online retailer. The New Generation EcoPaper 100% Sugar Cane Tree- Free Multi-purpose Pure White Copy/Printer paper is now for sale on Marketplace. With the trusted Amazon platform and fulfillment services, EcoPaper expects to experience a surge in orders as the products profit from enhanced visibility in the Amazon catalog.

"EcoPaper is a one of a kind product, and can only benefit from being placed in front of tens of millions of potential customers. offers an opportunity to reach a niche market as we can now service customers in countries across Europe, North America and Asia. As we expand globally, we are proud to partner with the largest and most successful online marketplace around the world," says CEO Harry Johansing.

About EcoPaper, Inc.:

After developing an innovative and an economically feasible option for removing a portion of the more than 230,000 tons of agro-industrial waste generated annually in Costa Rica alone, EcoPaper, Inc. became among the first companies worldwide to create and implement processes for manufacturing and bringing to market tree-free, eco-friendly, beautiful, sustainable paper products of superior quality created from exotic tropical fibers. Founded by Harry Johansing, EcoPaper is proud that every sheet of EcoPaper product is smooth, acid-free, durable, chemical-free, and caringly manufactured.