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Roberts PolyPro introduces high-speed inspection and data acquisition system for folding cartons

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Roberts PolyPro introduces high-speed inspection and data acquisition system for folding cartons

May 26, 2010 - 01:17

CHARLOTTE, NC and PEACHTREE CITY, GA, May 26, 2010 (Business Wire) -Roberts PolyPro, a division of Pro Mach, and Label Vision Systems (LVS®) jointly introduced today CartonSpecTM- a high-speed vision inspection and data acquisition system for folding cartons.

The new CartonSpec system:

  • Ascertains that every carton entering a folder gluer meets printing and appearance specifications

  • Reads all standard barcodes for quality assurance that the carton and product are in synch

  • Matches database records for mass serialization applications.

The CartonSpec system appeals particularly to pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, where print quality and appearance, data acquisition, and risk minimization are paramount concerns. Other industries with high-volume/high-speed carton operations also benefit from CartonSpec's capabilities.

"This system differs from other solutions because it is inline with the folder gluer," said Roy Tetreault, general manager, Roberts PolyPro. "CartonSpec inspects and records data on 100 percent of the folding cartons fed into the folder gluer at speeds up to 1,000 feet per minute."

Tetreault said out-of-specification cartons are rejected before product is inserted, and manufacturers receive an individual record of every carton entering the folder gluer. No other system on the market delivers this level of inspection and data acquisition with nearly zero labor cost.

Scott Lydell, North American sales manager at LVS, adds, "Until now the only way to inspect print quality was offline, which adds an extra step and labor costs to production. Furthermore, offline inspection was typically for print quality only. CartonSpec maintains greater quality assurance by looking for scuffs, carton damage, all appearance requirements, barcodes and product identification.

"Labor savings alone provide a compelling return on investment. Enhanced product quality and production capabilities also add value."

CartonSpec's high speed reliability is made possible by Roberts PolyPro's newly developed vacuum system that holds cartons steady while the LVS camera inspects them. Solid mechanical/electronic coordination and control of carton orientation allows the camera to capture clear images even at high speeds. Master images and associated data from completed jobs are stored in memory for easy recall, reducing future set up time. Additionally, CartonSpec is modular, making it easily moved to other folder gluers. CartonSpec is available from Roberts PolyPro, (800-269-7409).