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Ranpak launches fully automated packaging solution AutoFill in North America

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Ranpak launches fully automated packaging solution AutoFill in North America

August 03, 2021 - 07:16
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CONCORD TOWNSHIP, OH, Aug. 3, 2021 (Business Wire) -Ranpak Holdings Corp. (“Ranpak”), a global leader of environmentally sustainable, paper-based packaging solutions for e-commerce and industrial supply chains, today announced the North American launch of AutoFill.

AutoFill is a next-generation, fully automated end-of-line packaging solution that enhances throughput, reduces labor costs, and ensures the optimal amount of void fill in each package. Ranpak’s proprietary solution uses smart sensors to scan the package, computing the box size and the volume of objects inside, and then dispenses the optimal amount of paper needed to protect items during shipping. Finally, AutoFill’s case sealer closes and seals the box. By automating and standardizing the void fill process, AutoFill delivers consistently packed boxes that reduce shipping damage, while optimizing paper consumption for a cost reduction of up to 20%. AutoFill redefines how customers complete their packaging process, saving money and freeing up resources to be redeployed upstream.

“AutoFill is Ranpak’s latest innovation in packaging automation and aligns with our commitment to deliver operational efficiencies, cost savings and sustainability benefits to our customers,” said Omar Asali, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Ranpak. “AutoFill’s ability to eliminate bottlenecks in end-of-line packaging increases operational throughput and delivers precise void fill, virtually eliminating shipping damage and waste. We’re excited to bring this technology to market to provide our customers with the ideal solution for optimizing their packaging operations.”

By utilizing the patented AccuFill vision system, AutoFill eliminates over and under packed boxes, ensuring worry free shipping, while reducing paper consumption. Capable of processing up to 1200 boxes per hour, AutoFill can support the most demanding customers in distribution, e-commerce, and fulfillment operations.

About Ranpak

Founded in 1972, Ranpak's goal was to create the first environmentally responsible system to protect products during shipment. Ranpak’s mission is to deliver sustainable packaging solutions that help improve supply chain performance and costs, reduce environmental impact, and support a variety of growing business needs globally. The development and improvement of materials, systems and total solution concepts have earned Ranpak a reputation as an innovative leader in e-commerce and industrial supply chain solutions. Ranpak is headquartered in Concord Township, Ohio and has approximately 600 employees.