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Printed Specialties installs Bobst's EXPERTFOLD to increase its existing folding operation capacity

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Printed Specialties installs Bobst's EXPERTFOLD to increase its existing folding operation capacity

July 22, 2010 - 16:19

CARROLLTON, GA, July 22, 2010 (Press Release) -Printed Specialties Corporation, ( a printer/packaging manufacturer specializing in high value-added printing and packaging solutions for a wide range of industries including food, software and entertainment, has added a Bobst EXPERTFOLD 110-A2 high speed folder-gluer to their Carrollton, Georgia operation. The new installation brings additional capacity and capabilities to their existing folding operation which includes Bobst Domino and Media folder-gluers.

"Some people say ‘If you concentrate on the big picture, the little things will take care of themselves'. That's not the way we see it," says Printed Specialties' President Greg Smith. "Quite frankly, our philosophy is the exact opposite. It's the little things that if overlooked can trip-up the whole operation causing delays and costing you money and customers. Our philosophy is to focus on the fundamentals, concentrate on the details and continually work to improve our quality, efficiency, capabilities and the way we do business."

Smith points to investing in equipment that allows Printed Specialties to maximize their efficiency and capabilities as being one of the fundamentals of their success and ability to maintain true sustainability. "We don't need to be on the ‘bleeding edge' of technology, but it is important to us to invest in proven state of the art technology that allows us to meet the versatility and efficiency demands our customers place on us... and do it at a sustainable price."

The installation of the EXPERTFOLD was in answer to Printed Specialties' quest to continually improve their efficiency. "We had a job that took two folding operations. Our customer was concerned about our capacity and turnaround time. The EXPERTFOLD has allowed us to take that job from two operations to a single folding operation and run it faster. As a result we've increased our share of that customer's business from about 10% to nearly 70%." Smith says that in addition to that particular job, they have used the EXPERTFOLD to convert many other complex jobs from multiple to single folding operations.

Printed Specialties' customers also demand versatility. "Service counts! Being versatile and flexible as well as efficient is important to our customers and to sustaining our business," says Smith. "We're a different kind of printing company. We're as nimble and flexible as a digital shop, with the technology and finishing firepower of a folding carton house. Value-added processes such as foil-stamping, source and security tagging, designs with complex die-cuts and folds, inner cell packaging and multi-piece cartons are all par for the course with us. Our customers expect very high quality, short turnaround and cost efficiency. Focusing on the fundamentals of our business from Customer Service to manufacturing to logistics sets the stage for us to achieve these goals."

In addition to the new EXPERTFOLD, Printed Specialties installed a nearly new Bobst SP 103-ER Autoplaten® diecutter for many of the same reasons as the folder-gluer. "The diecutter gave us additional capacity, but with inline blanking it allowed us to eliminate manual blanking on many jobs providing a quality and efficiency benefit for us and our customers."

The Printed Specialties EXPERTFOLD is capable of running straight line and crash-lock cartons, presentation folders, CD/DVD sleeves and many other solid carton and or micro flute corrugated products at speeds up to 1,476 ft/min. The machine can fold and glue blanks from 5 to 431/4 inches across and 23/8 to 311/2 inches through (machine direction). The folder-gluer is also equipped with sample ejection, multi-feeder, optical glue detection and monitoring systems, and a 16-channel HHS gluing system.