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Pratt adopts utilizes pH-neutral cleaner for machine clothing and rollers at Conyers, GA, mill

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Pratt adopts utilizes pH-neutral cleaner for machine clothing and rollers at Conyers, GA, mill

November 22, 2013 - 07:54

ALPHARETTA, GA, Nov. 22, 2013 (Press Release) -Based on a series of developmental trials conducted over a two-year period at Pratt Industries' containerboard mill in Conyers, Ga., USA, CrystalTek, Alpharetta, Ga., has introduced BLAST, an environmentally friendly, non-flammable, neutral-pH cleaning agent for machine clothing as well as rollers and other hard surfaces in a paper machine's wire, press and dryers sections. In the ongoing trials on Pratt's No. 12 linerboard machine at Conyers, BLAST has proved to be a significantly more effective agent for removing "stickies" and other recycling-based contaminants than the alkaline cleaners the mill had been using for more than 15 years.

In addition to dramatic improvements in stickies removal, BLAST is eliminating corrosive damage to carbon steel machine components and caustic white powder residues left on machine structures typically associated with the use of alkaline cleaning agents. In trials conducted in PM 12's dryer section, BLAST was found to be an especially effective cleaning agent for the Unirun section fabric and vacuum rollers.

Using BLAST in the Unirun dryer section, the mill has been able to cut the number of monthly cleanings in half. It also has reduced rethreading time by 15-plus minutes per occurrence. Labor for vacuum roller cleaning has been reduced significantly, by an average of 64 hours per month. Since converting to the waterborne, pH-neutral cleaner in the dryer section, the mill has set two production records on 26-lb. linerboard-48 hours without a paper break and the highest number of tons produced in a day.

The trials on PM 12 were launched in 2011. BLAST was applied during applications progressing from manual hand trigger-spray evaluations to the use of a garden type pump sprayer at full machine speed, and finally full applications during shutdown.

Overall, by improving the cleaning of machine clothing and hard surfaces in the targeted PM 12 Unirun dryer section at Pratt's Conyers mill, the use of BLAST has increased monthly mill production revenue, created a safer work environment, and eliminated a corrosive caustic cleaning chemical from that portion of the carbon steel paper machine frame.


BLAST is a pH-neutral, non-flammable, readily biodegradable, low vapor pressure VOC compliant, patent-pending cleaning agent. Mercury readings were verified by an independent laboratory as non-detectable at .5 parts per billion. It has HMIS ratings of 1,1,0 (about the same as bath soap), is Prop 65 and CARB 310 compliant, and is available as a concentrate. The recommended dilution rate is 10 to 1 (water to concentrate).


CrystalTek is a chemicals formulator and distributor specializing in environmentally safe, custom industrial chemicals. With a health and environmental focus unique in the marketplace, the company is totally committed to green chemistry, operating from its facilities in Alpharetta, Ga., USA. It takes advantage of many newly available non-toxic, biodegradable chemical building blocks to produce green compounds that address industrial issues.

The company notes that sometimes a solution to an industrial problem exists, but that solution is only available as a toxic compound. When this is the case, CrystalTek focuses its R&D on achieving successful results with green solutions.

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